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The Mission:
The Philadelphia Folksong Society is a not for profit educational organization dedicated to the encouragement, dissemination, and enjoyment of folk music and related expressions of folklore, and the sponsoring of research, education, therapeutic programs and related publications.

The Folksong Society’s goals are:
• Permanence and Sustainability
o Audience and Membership Development
o Presentations, events and meetings
• Produce revenue
• Promote folk music arts
• Sustain and develop performers
• Bring people together
• Educate
• Build a Community around Folk Music
• Entertain

The PFS is most well known for its annual Philadelphia Folk Festival held in August, run primarily by a large staff of volunteers and attended by approximately 8000 to 10,000 people daily. Other annual events include the Spring Thing and Fall Fling weekend events, and a mid winter Cabin Fever one-day event. There are also monthly membership concerts, as well as numerous house concerts, workshops and sings organized by PFS volunteers.

The Folksong Society is governed by an eleven member Board of Directors. The current budget is about $1.25 million. Current staffing includes one full-time Associate Director, one interim development associate, and one part-time bookkeeper. More information on the Folksong Society can be found on the web site: www.pfs.org.

Position Description

Key Responsibilities
With the advice and consent of and in partnership with the Board, the Executive Director has responsibility, either directly or through delegation, utilizing and maximizing resources to achieve planned and budgeted objectives of the organization and providing day-to-day management in six key areas. A small portion of the Executive Director’s time (up to 10%) is devoted to the production of the annual Philadelphia Folk Festival, mostly to interface with the Festival Leadership Team.

1. Budget and Organization Management
a. With the Finance Committee, prepare the annual budget for approval by the Board and provide daily fiscal management including reports, recommendations and requests as appropriate.
b. Recruit, select, and manage performance of PFS staff and volunteers.

2. Events and Programs
a. Work within the established protocols and guidelines related to assuring systems and procedures are followed
b. Supervise office staff and volunteers in support of events and programs of PFS

3. Membership
a. Assure effective communication between the PFS and the general membership, including member access to all relevant benefits and resources.
b. Work with specific Committees to grow membership to meet or exceed planned levels.
c. Plan and manage membership benefit programs and dues structure. Assist current Membership Task Force to complete their work and assume responsibility for agreed upon strategies as approved by Board of Directors.

4. Marketing
a. Meet predetermined marketing goals including observable, measurable results including timing, reach, cost and quality.
b. Oversee marketing functions, including media advertising, publicity, literature, the monthly newsletter production and collateral material development, and membership development promotions.

5. Strategic Planning — in cooperation with the Board, develop the strategic plan including recommendations for new programs and initiatives.
a. Agree on roles and responsibilities with the Board
b. Complete appropriate research and networking
c. Assure all relevant stakeholders are heard and become part of the planning process
d. Facilitate planning meetings as appropriate
e. Summarize meeting results and distribute
f. Conduct follow up activities as appropriate
g. Assure all stakeholders have at least adequate information for participation and decision making as well as for implementation
h. Assure conflicts are managed or appropriately escalated

6. Fundraising
a. Develop the fundraising plan in collaboration with Fundraising Committee following the policies set by the Board Development Committee.
b. Work in alignment with the Board and staff to achieve fundraising targets.
c. Create, nurture, cultivate and manage relationships with major donors.
d. Manage relationships with foundations and write proposals of no less than 20 per year.

7. Advice and Counsel to the Board
a. Provide advice, counsel and support to the Board and its committees as requested and as appropriate.
b. Facilitate and/or participate in relevant Board meetings, staff operations meetings, member meetings, and special events.
i. ED role in the above to be agreed on with the Board

Ideal candidates for this position will:

• Be a proven professional and inspiring leader with a background in the performing arts and an interest in folk and roots music, both contemporary and traditional.
• Possess the marketing skills and experience necessary to build awareness related to the field of folk music and create a strong powerful brand for the PFS.
• Be an excellent administrator capable of managing the operations of the PFS.
• Have demonstrated success creating successful development plans, writing substantial grant applications, obtaining funds, creating and maintaining mutually rewarding working with funders. Existing contacts with established funding sources as well as prospective funders preferred.
• Have extensive experience utilizing written and verbal communication skills including copywriting, business writing, grant writing, presentation and facilitation skills.
• Be able to work effectively and in alignment with the Board of Directors.
• Be willing to work in collaboration with a dedicated group of volunteers
• Be computer literate with at least 5 years experience with Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) Relational database experience a plus. Internet and email.

Physical Requirements
Ability to lift light loads (mail or UPS deliveries) of approximately 25 pounds.

• Ability to climb stairs to second floor file storage and Board and meeting rooms.

To Apply

Please send your Cover Letter, Salary Requirements and Resume/CV to hr@pfs.org

Professional and personal references will be required during the final interview process.

Education Level: Minimum education requires a bachelor’s degree
Deadline: 12/18/2014

How to apply

Please send a cover letter with salary requirements along with your resume/CV to hr@pfs.org

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