Resource Development Manager: Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia

Posted August 25th, 2015 at 2:42 pm.

Position summary

The Resource Development Manager is responsible for the promotion, coordination, operation and over-all management of the organizations fundraisers, special events and annual campaign. He/she needs to build communications and support with vendors, local public services, and potential sponsors in the area of public and private corporations and businesses. He/she will be required to work within budget limitations through negotiations, trade and /or donations. He/she will compose statistical progress reports regarding pertaining events during and at the conclusion of each event. He/she will work in conjunction with the finance department to verify and review all expenses and revenues to ensure accurate financial accounting of each event.

Essential duties & responsibilities

  1. On-going communication and reporting to the Executive Operations Officer and Communications and Creative Design Manager while working with the Chief Executive Officer(s) on the status of planning and management of special events, fundraisers, and all other resource projects that provides funds to the organization.
  2. Develops an annual calendar and plan of scheduled events, while securing support with vendors and sponsors through negotiations, trade, cash/and or donations of good and services. Secures sponsors and partners in conjunction with CEO(s) within at least seven (7) months prior to event.
  3. Initiates and drives the planning and coordination of established events in communication with EOO, CDM and the Chief Executive Officer(s).
  4. Develops and maintains creative and progressive ideas with each year’s event to strategically build revenues by 5%-10%.
  5. Meets established schedules/deadlines as part of normal routine; accepts a variety of daily activities while maintaining high accuracy requirements.
  6. Assists with writing of grant proposal and other documents as needed
  7. Maintains confidentiality in all assignments and responsibilities.
  8. Setting Standards: Leadership position where performance and overall organization expectations are modeled.


A. education and/or experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree required
  • At least two (2) years of strong marketing/advertising, public relations, grant writing or fund development experience in an agency or non-profit organization

B. skills and abilities

  • Strong written, creative, and communication skills required
  • Research skills and ability to interpret statistical data required
  • Have an understanding of group dynamics and a proven capacity for facilitating group meetings for professionals and volunteers
  • Possess a thorough understanding of youth, their needs, and have the ability to interpret those needs in effective Boys & Girls Club programs
  • Must possess the ability to work independently and efficiently without direct supervision
  • Must possess a strong familiarity with computers, including word processing and excel spreadsheets. Proficiency with Adobe creative suite preferred

How to apply

Intersted applicants should email a cover letter and resume to Lisabeth Marziello, Ariel Goldring and Molly Lawrence.

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