Management Consultant/Interim Executive Director Position: Abington (PA) Educational Foundation

Posted December 8th, 2015 at 10:33 am.

The Abington Educational Foundation (AEF) was created over 20 years ago, and has been building momentum through board development and mission clarification. Additionally, the AEF is positioning itself primarily as a development/fund-raising entity, adopting fund-raising models that have been historically used by higher education and private sector K-12 schools, and that are now being adopted by K-12 public school educational foundations across the country. The work for this consulting project will include close collaboration with the current AEF board of directors, AEF executive committee and AEF committee chairs as the specific responsibility relates to their area of focus and interest. The management consultant’s role, in collaboration with the board, is to assist in the development and growth of AEF and includes marketing and communications, partnerships and outreach, fundraising and internal operations.

Marketing and Communication

  • Build brand awareness and overall messaging of the AEF using best current practices
  • Review software options and make recommendations for an integrated customer relationship management system
  • Assess AEF web site and propose improvement plan

Partnerships and Outreach

  • Assist in developing three-way collaborative relationship — a true partnership — with the board of school directors and the Abington School District (ASD) administration.
  • Assist in development of case statement already underway to attain broad-based “ownership” of the foundation.


  • Develop fundraising strategies and campaigns to ensure sustainability and viability of AEF
  • Identify potential major local donors – individuals and corporations – with the AEF Executive Committee and conduct research meetings to determine how to best structure ongoing donor involvement with AEF.
  • Review AEF current EITC program description and make recommendations

Internal Operations

  • Make recommendations for improvement of AEF grant program
  • Compare current board structure with educational foundation best practices and make recommendations for improvement
  • Create strategy and tactics for posting and hiring new executive director and assist in interview process.
  • Work with Executive Committee to determine 2-3 year AEF goals for communications, fundraising, and provision of grants to ASD

Joint Accountability for this Project between the Consultant and the Board

  • The consultant will attend monthly board of directors and requested committee meetings.
  • The consultant will support the efforts of the committee chairs in effecting the committee’s purpose and objectives.
  • The consultant will establish a minimum of a regular weekly status meeting (in person preferred).


Completion of the project outlined above will take place on a flexible work schedule to include an average of approximately 20 hours of project work per week during a 3-6-month period, with an option to renew.

Candidate review begins December 16, 2015 and will continue until selection. Submit proposals, resumes, support materials and fee requirements to Ellen DeStefano  For more information, contact Phyllis Jablonowski or Ray Wells

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