Executive Director: Women Organized Against Rape

Posted December 15th, 2015 at 10:18 am.

Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR) is one of the nation’s first rape crisis centers. WOAR provides an array of services to support people who have experienced sexual assaults and educational programs and community outreach to expand awareness and prevent sexual violence. These services include free counseling for adult and child survivors of sexual violence, a 24/7 Helpline, medical and court accompaniment, Latino outreach services, and education programs to prevent sexual violence. Please visit our website at www.woar.org for more details.

At this time, WOAR is seeking a new, dynamic Executive Director. This position serves as the Chief Executive Officer of WOAR and is responsible for developing and executing strategies to maintain and expand WOAR’s position as the premier agency in Philadelphia addressing the issues of sexual violence. In addition, this position is responsible for directing and monitoring the delivery of survivor counseling, education and community outreach programs, business development (fundraising), and public advocacy of the importance of eliminating sexual violence in the Philadelphia community. We are looking for a dynamic individual who feels at ease in offering support to survivors, engaging diverse communities, fundraising, and speaking with the media. The

Executive Director reports to the WOAR Board of Directors. Position highlights are:

  • Oversees a $1.6 million budget which supports WOAR’s mission
  • Executes WOAR’s strategic plan
  • Directs and manages a staff of 20 employees
  • Oversees and directs fund development including public and private sources
  • Collaborates with victim and social service organizations
  • Advocates WOAR’s mission in state and national forums

Job Responsibilities:

Execute WOAR’s mission through its strategic plan

  • Prepares action plans and assigns responsibilities for appropriate areas of the WOAR strategic plan
  • Monitors progress and reports to Board

Design and deliver innovative programs and support services to survivors of sexual violence

  • Understands service delivery and financial requirements of each of WOAR’s programs
  • Effectively plans to fulfill service delivery including financial and human resource requirements
  • Provides effective leadership and regular supervision for each program
  • Monitors and evaluates performance of directors and provides the supervision and support needed so that staff understand and meet their individual goals
  • Works with directors to maintain and expand volunteer/internship programs

Women Organized Against Rape, Executive Director

Job Responsibilities (continued):

Advocate WOAR’s mission to funders, state and city government, businesses, the community, and partner service organizations

  • Develops a marketing and branding strategy for WOAR
  • Provides leadership and supervision for all external functions
  • Participates as appropriate in public and/or media events
  • Monitors all public relations materials and activities
  • Contributes to external and internal media outlets
  • Writes and/or presents testimony in appropriate forums on the topic of sexual assault

Direct WOAR’s programs to raise awareness of sexual violence, the availability of our services to survivors of sexual violence and educate the community as to appropriate behaviors to eliminate sexual violence

Direct internal operations of the organization including Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Facilities, and all internal processes, organization, support and leadership needed by staff and volunteers including the ability to develop, coach and direct the team

Support the Board of Directors as they fulfill their fiduciary responsibility to WOAR

  • Provides information to the Board in support of the achievement of WOARs goals and objectives and the projects associated with the Strategic Plan
  • Provides timely financial information to the Board
  • Receives direction from the Board and implements those directions
  • Keeps the Board informed of key issues and educated with information concerning sexual assault
  • Supports the Board in their role as WOAR Advocates
  • Supports the Board in their role as fund raisers

 Leadership Competencies Required:

 Drives for results

  • Decisive judgment
  • Business acumen
  • Coaching and developing others
  • Relationships management
  • Championing change
  • Managing others
  • Integrity
  • Ability to work with diverse populations

Women Organized Against Rape, Executive Director

Experience Desired:

  • 10 years experience in non-profits in the social services community or experience in business or equivalent with successful experience in project managing critical initiatives
  • 2 years at director or executive director level with fiscal responsibility
  • Experience and/or substantial familiarity with sexual violence issues


  • Bachelors of Science or Arts required
  • Master’s Degree preferred

Employment Status: Exempt

WOAR is an equal opportunity employer

Please send resumes or CVs to our mailbox at HR@woar.org

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