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Posted January 6th, 2016 at 11:02 am.

The Philadelphia Youth Sports Collaborative, a pioneer in advancing the nationally recognized field of sports-based youth development, is seeking a seasoned Executive who will lead the organization to build a sports-based youth movement in Philadelphia, pilot innovative programming and advocate for public policy.


Initiated in 2009 by individuals passionate about meeting the needs of area youth from under-served communities, PYSC was initially a coalition that took the lead in advancing the nationally recognized field of Sports-Based Youth Development (SBYD) to Philadelphia. SBYD engages youth through athletics as a means to advance positive social development, educational achievement, health, well-being and life skills. Sports are the hook; positive youth development is the goal. In six years, PYSC has grown to include over 40 participating organizations serving thousands of youth across Philadelphia.

PYSC is now ready to become a free-standing organization. A local philanthropist has generously committed $1.5Million over three years to capitalize the new entity, and will use its commitment and position to encourage other funders to also contribute to PYSC. The new entity takes as its vision and mission the following:

Vision Statement Every child in Philadelphia will have access to a high-quality youth sports program grounded in the principles of positive youth development.

Mission Statement To dramatically enhance the capacity of youth-serving organizations in Philadelphia to provide high quality, sports-based youth development programs to children in every community.

A newly incorporated PYSC will have the organizational capacity and visibility to create a coherent, systems-based agenda for the Philadelphia youth sports community. PYSC will mobilize local stakeholders to advocate for policy changes to increase funding and improve access to youth sports programs. It will also facilitate further innovation and collaboration among stakeholders, opening doors to new funding opportunities. In addition, PYSC will build on its prior work by providing training, capacity-building, and technical assistance to SBYD and other youth-serving organizations, to promote the use of best practices, improve data collection and sharing, and support local partners to dramatically expand and scale their work. Overall, PYSC will leverage resources and leadership to create a coordinated citywideapproach to healthy youth development in Philadelphia, and become a national model.

PYSC will pursue three goals over the next three years:

  1. Build the movement. Establish systems that advance and sustain the sports-based youth development movement in Philadelphia.
  2. Pilot innovation. Launch pilot initiatives that test ways in which sports- based youth development can reach new populations at scale and demonstrate outcomes that will influence public policy and resources.
  3. Strengthen organizational capacity. Enhance the capacity of Philadelphia Sports-Based Youth Development Organizations (SBYDO) and other youth-serving organizations to provide high quality services on and off the field at a scale commensurate with community


PYSC will have an annual operating budget of approximately $700,000 to $800,000 in its first three years of operation. $500,000/year for three years is confirmed, with the expectation that other foundations will support it. Participating organizations will be expected to pay a modest amount of annual dues. Public sector contracts and larger national foundation support are also expected.

The Position

The ideal candidate is a senior, seasoned professional with a history of accomplishment that combines public advocacy, systems development and fundraising in the nonprofit sector. Preferably someone with direct experience in helping to launch and significantly expand a new undertaking. The candidate should have an understanding of issues related to youth development in low income communities. Experience building collaborative relationships in the nonprofit sector, and between the nonprofit and public sectors is preferred. Qualifications include:

  • At least fifteen (15) years successful tenure in a leadership role in a nonprofit or public sector organization, incorporating programmatic, operational and external relations functions in which s/he played a direct role in organizational growth.
  • High-energy person with vision, integrity and a passion for service excellence who is able to mobilize staff, board and other stakeholders towards a common goal.
  • Entrepreneurial person capable and comfortable building an organization.
  • Deep appreciation of youth development. Knowledge about issues related to sports-based youth development is a plus, but not essential. Ability to quickly learn is a must.
  • Skilled in working in a collaborative manner to build relationships and teams with multiple external stakeholders, to include capacity to understand interests of small nonprofits, larger institutional nonprofits, schools and public sector decision makers.
  • Effective communicator to multiple internal and external audiences concerning complex issues related to youth development.
  • Demonstrated track record in fund development, to include local and national foundations, corporations and the public sector.
  • Managerial expertise including budget management and working directly with a volunteer governing board.

The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors through the Board Chair.

Summary of key deliverables

The Executive Director will lead and facilitate the board of directors and staff in pursuit of the following goals.

  1. Establish systems and hire staff for the new organization.
  2. Develop and launch pilot programs.
  3. Enable participating organizations to improve their performance in order to serve more children and improve the quality of their services.
  4. Establish sports-based youth development as an understood and well-regarded approach in the eyes of public sector decision makers, funders, and youth serving organizations that should be integrated into all youth serving activities.
  5. Establish PYSC as a national leader in the field.
  6. Foster positive long-term relationships with key partner organizations and stakeholders.
  7. Establish a diverse, sustainable revenue base able to meet PYSC’s and participating organizations’ needs and goals.
  8. Establish an engaged, effective volunteer board of directors functioning as a governing board. Establish an advisory board.

Key responsibilities

  1. Organizational Launch
    1. Determine sequence and timing of hiring new staff
    2. Develop organizational systems and processes
    3. Support new board in organizing itself
    4. Oversee development of website and communications materials
    5. Engage participating organizations
    6. Introduce PYSC to external stakeholders
  2. Organizational Management
    1. Support design and launch of lines of service
    2. Establish partnerships and collaborative relationships with stakeholders, the public sector, and youth serving organizations
    3. Manage the budget
  3. Public Awareness and Communications
    1. Advocate for SBYD programs and policies with public sector decision makers and other key stakeholders
    2. Serve as key spokesperson for SBYD and serve the needs of SBYDO’s
    3. Foster media relations and represent the organization at regional and national meetings and events
  4. Resource Development
    1. Initiate and secure additional support from foundations
    2. Steward and expand relationships with funders
    3. Develop value proposition for fee-for-service revenue and pursue such opportunities
    4. Cultivate and solicit major gifts in collaboration with the board
  5. Board Relations
    1. Nurture a positive, open and collaborative relationship with the Board and its committees
    2. Work in collaboration with the board to promote the mission
    3. Participate in soliciting and recruiting additional people to the board; arrange opportunities for board development and education for its members

Positions to be hired by the Executive Director include: Director of Program Services, Director of Research & Evaluation (may be a consultant), Communications Manager, Administrative Assistant

How to apply

Interviews will be arranged as soon as a group of qualified candidates is assembled. Resumes and a one-page cover letter that conveys why you are well suited for this position and how it fits into your career should be emailed as soon as possible to: info@fairmountinc.com. (No paper copies, please.)

Confirmation of receipt of the resume will be sent by return email. Interviews of preferred candidates will be arranged forthwith. No phone calls, please. All candidates will be notified of the final decision via email.


  1. PYSC is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity and practices inclusion.
  2. Freedom from illegal use of drugs, and freedom from use and effects of use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.
  3. Persons who have been found guilty by a court of law of abusing, neglecting or mistreating individuals are ineligible for employment in this position.
  4. This profile is intended to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by the Executive Director. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities and qualifications required of the Executive Director.
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