Program Manager: Epilepsy Foundation of Eastern PA

Posted June 29th, 2016 at 12:56 pm.

Founded in 1972, Epilepsy Foundation Eastern PA (EFEPA) meets the non –medical needs of individuals affected by epilepsy/ seizure disorder to enhance lives and build supportive communities. As we continue to expand our impact in Greater Philadelphia and surrounding communities, we are seeking an additional staff member to help lead our Program Team. The position will lead a team of three regional staff members and provide leadership to ensure programming is consistent through all 18 counties that the Foundation serves.

The Program Manager reports directly to the President and CEO. Candidate must be motivated, data driven and process oriented.

Tasks of the Program Manager:

  • Believe in the mission of the EFEPA and focus on building supportive communities for individuals affected by epilepsy.
  • Assist individuals living with epilepsy to improve their quality of life through education, outreach, advocacy and support.
  • Conduct educational presentations in organizations, schools, government agencies, daycares and senior centers, law enforcement and first responder agencies and businesses.
  • Plan, organize and host educational conferences.
  • Develop resources and partnerships with local organizations.
  • Facilitate monthly support groups and offer socialization groups.
  • Assist in the creation of Individualized Education Plans.
  • Manage and maintain accurate constituent records while respecting their privacy and the Foundation’s integrity.
  • Create awareness and outreach about the disorder throughout Philadelphia and surrounding counties.
  • Serve as a liaison between constituents and legislators to communicate the needs of people with epilepsy.
  • Represent the EFEPA on a professional level on all matters including, but not limited to community outreach events, fundraising and health fairs.
  • Schedule, coordinate and implement staff development and current field news.
  • Guide Resource Coordinators on challenging cases and interfaces amongst the Coordinators regularly.
  • Develop meaningful initiatives to meet families’ needs, inclusive of socialization opportunities.
  • Meet the state and national office reporting requirements, including reporting programs and constituents contact on a monthly basis.
  • Assist parents of children with epilepsy/seizure disorder in addressing issues of, but not limited to, school, sports, development, medical referrals, and pharmaceutical access.
  • Follow up with one-on-one consultations with mail or email based upon the area of interest within 48 business hours.
  • Engage in an Information and Referral Process to be current with the needs of our constituents while using the latest technology.
  • Enhance the EFEPA website with educational material relevant for families with epilepsy.
  • Be a resource to other members of the EFEPA team and manage staff members in satellite offices.
  • Promote the Foundation, its programs and the cause in monthly clinic visits.


  • Excellent verbal, written and presentation communication skills
  • Excellent ability to multi-task accompanied by a spirit of flexibility and positive outlook
  • Strong creative thinking and analytical skills
  • Strong customer service ethic and ability to relate to, communicate well with and be respectful of people from all walks of life
  • Strong sense of responsibility, initiative and follow through while being detailed oriented
  • Ability to be resourceful with limited resources of time and funds
  • Project management experience that includes planning, development, implementation and evaluation
  • Solid budget experience
  • Detail oriented with the ability to learn fast, work independently and handle multiple tasks
  • Strong information technology and computer skills, particularly in Microsoft Office programs and Google Applications. Salesforce and Adobe Creative Suite additionally a plus.
  • Preferably Master’s Degree in fields such as social work, health communications, health administration, public health, community psychology, education, etc.
  • 3-5 years professional experience, preferably in a non-profit setting with some management experience.
  • Must have driver’s license and reliable personal transportation
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