Director of Opportunity Development: Episcopal Community Services

Posted July 25th, 2017 at 9:21 am.

Working as the leader of the Opportunity Development department, the primary function of the Director of Opportunity Development is to execute implementation of the ECS Path to Prosperity Model (adapted from EMPath’s Mobility Mentoring Model®) throughout all ECS programs.

As an integral part of ECS’ new direction, this position will have oversight of implementing both the Prosperity model and a coaching culture throughout all of the organization’s programs and services. The Director of Opportunity Development will champion the Prosperity model and is responsible for providing oversight and support to Opportunity Development Coaching staff as they assist participants in making progress towards goals related to economic self-sufficiency in alignment with The Bridge.

This position will plan, coordinate, and document implementation of the Prosperity model into all ECS programs.  This position will also monitor operations, workflow, and service delivery of the Opportunity Development department, as well as develop and facilitate training modules for internal and external audiences. The Director of Opportunity Development is supervised by the Chief of Programs, and together, they will ensure a culture of strong coaching values and practices is institutionalized throughout ECS.

Director of Opportunity Development

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