Programs Director: Philadelphia Head Start Partnership

Posted September 27th, 2017 at 9:42 am.

The Programs Director is responsible for managing the compliance of the Head Start, DHS, Pre- K Counts, and Keystone STARS mandates and standards are achieved and maintained. The Programs Director develops and implements operational systems that support timely and accurate assessment of child and family needs, effective communication between program staff, and full utilization of available resources to achieve program goals. The Programs Director is responsible for managing the provision of and full utilization of program services to meet specifications established by regulatory guidelines at all PHSP sites. The Programs Director is responsible for overseeing the compliance and quality services of PHSP partners through establishing and maintaining contracts and supporting quality improvement. The Programs Director ensures all PHSP sites operate at continuously increasing levels of quality and embody the mission and vision of PHSP.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

Leadership and Supervision

  • Monitors program compliance with Head Start, DHS, Pre-K Counts, and Keystone STARS requirements and standards, as well as, all laws and regulations applicable to the operation of comprehensive early childhood programs
  • Establishes and communicates clear performance expectations and measures for all direct reports and ensures that all PHSP supervisors do the same for the staff they supervise
  • Supervises and evaluates direct reports against clear performance expectations through observation, meetings, and file reviews as appropriate and completes performance appraisals
  • Ensures that PHSP management develops and utilizes data-informed management strategies to achieve program goals and
  • Hires, trains, mentors, and holds accountable the Facilities and Safety Officer, Early Learning Operations Manager, Health and Family Services Manager, and Education Manager
  • Develops an annual Training and Technical Assistance plan to ensure compliance and high quality for program services
  • Provides guidance and leadership to staff to emphasize the importance of the program achieving high standards of quality
  • Works with PHMC’s HR department to ensure staff credentialing compliance


  • Convenes monthly policy council meetings, generates and disseminates monthly program performance reports for these meetings, and ensures compliance with governance requirements
  • Reviews and approves Policies and Procedures before submission to Policy Council for approval


  • Monitors and reports on Non Federal Share contributions and develops strategies to improve capture of Non Federal Share generated by program operations
  • Supports acquisition of mandated 20% Non Federal Share by identifying and establishing community partnerships that support program needs (i.e. local universities, staffing agencies, local business).Supports PHMC ECE Senior Management by contributing to monitoring of Head Start program spending
  • Ensures that staff, parents and children receive appropriate and adequate supplies, equipment, and training materials to meet program goals and objectives
  • Ensures timely and accurate PHSP partner invoicing and payment

Program Operation and Performance

  • Monitors and ensures that the program meets the Head Start requirement of full enrollment and average daily attendance of greater than 85%
  • Ensures that PHSP staffs have reports and processes to monitor recruitment and enrollment; holds staff accountable for identifying barriers to enrollment and retention and implementing successful interventions to address program attrition
  • Monitors program compliance with Head Start requirements and standards, as well as, all laws and regulations applicable to the educational programming, disabilities, mental health services, health services, and family services
  • Monitors aggregated and disaggregated reports on program performance including kindergarten transition activities, health services, social services, school readiness, family services, and child development
  • Monitors gaps in student achievement and approves systems for ensuring high student achievement
  • Approves and monitors implementation of the PHSP School Readiness Plan
  • Develops, implements, and monitors PSHP program goals in conjunction with management team
  • Work with partner organizations to identify strengths and needs and revise strategies as necessary to achieve program success
  • Establishes and oversee an application process for new and continuing partnerships and make recommendations to the Policy Council, ECE Subcommittee, and PHMC ECE Senior Management about new and continuing partnerships
  • Ensures that PHSP completes annual Parent Surveys and Staff Surveys
  • Ensures and leads PHSP staff in completion of the annual Self-Assessment
  • Ensures the timely completion of all program funding applications and renewals including those required by Head Start, PreK Counts, Keystone STARS, and DHS licensing
  • Ensure the timely completion of the PIR
  • Contributes to the development of program proposals and Community Assessment
  • Reads and reviews legislation and other resources to keep abreast of current issues and trends related to the responsibilities of the job
  • Participates in continuing professional development as part of the commitment to excellence
  • Ensures strict child and family confidentiality, following PHMC’s confidentiality policy
  • Performs other duties, as requested

Organizational Relationships:

The Programs Director reports to and is supervised by the Managing Director of Child Development and Family Services. The Programs Director directly supervises the Early Learning Operations Manager, Education Manager, Health and Family Services Manager, and Facilities and Safety Officer. The position is full time, 100% FTE.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, Social Welfare, Public Administration, Public Health, or a related degree. Master’s degree is
  • Minimum five years management and supervision
  • Experience in human services program management, including program planning, operations and evaluation, and the use of management information
  • An understanding of Head Start philosophy and the ability to implement

Other Requirements:

  • This job includes the normal physical demands associated with office work including bending, lifting, and
  • Ability to pass a health examination and criminal background check. Ability to work effectively with minimal daily guidance. Knowledge of community resources. Successful experience working in a team setting. Ability to present a positive image of the organization to members of the
  • This position may include the need to attend weekend or evening meetings or trainings and might involve
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