Executive Director: Consumer Bankruptcy Assistance Project

Posted July 11th, 2018 at 2:28 pm.


Our mission at CBAP is to provide resources and support to citizens living under the Federal poverty level in Philadelphia. We strive to stabilize finances through debt counseling and legal representation in the hopes of providing a fresh financial start to people experiencing severe poverty.

CBAP seeks an Executive Director to provide leadership presence among the Philadelphia bankruptcy community; maintain an external ambassadorship to attract partnerships, volunteers, and revenue; and lead our organization to continued success and resilience in our 26th year.

Main responsibilities:

Organizational leadership:

  • Partner with Philadelphia Legal Assistance (“PLA”) and Community Legal Services (“CLS”) to ensure that CBAP is in compliance with all of the pro bono legal services requirements.
  • Revitalize volunteer recruitment and coordinate with law schools to ensure full compliance with externship and clinical programs. Provide organized training programs and strive to obtain the highest number of law student volunteers possible.
  • Manage all financial aspects of CBAP including preparing an annual budget, monitoring cash flow and working closely with CBAP’s treasurer to provide up to date financial information.

Stakeholder relations:

  • Develop an external marketing and communications plan for CBAP to publicize its mission and success, and measure performance metrics to use towards grant applications.
  • Maintain website and effectively communicate about CBAP using social media to provide information related to CBAP’s constituents and influencers.
  • Liaise with other pro bono organizations within the City of Philadelphia.
  • Identify and assist in law firm conflict resolution. Spread awareness to the Board of pre-approved conflict waivers to facilitate maximum volunteer participation.
  • Provide neighborhood outreach and explain the pros and cons of a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.

Fund Development:

  • Establish a development plan to include donors, in-kind donations, grants, corporate sponsorship.
  • Develop and lead fundraising efforts with individuals, corporations, and foundations, including preparation of fundraising communications to members of the bankruptcy bar with success stories.
  • Research, apply, and follow up with grant applications from charitable foundations.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with key representatives of supporting foundations and other key donors in conjunction with the Steering Committee and, in particular, the President and/or President-Elect.
  • Publicize CBAP’s work and accomplishments in local media, social media, professional networks and Legal Intelligencer.

Board Development:

  • Inform the Board of all grants being applied for and requesting assistance of the Board members. Update the Board on the status of grant applications.
  • Collaborate with the Board to ensure active and meaningful participation on all of the various committees and subcommittees and meet with the various committees and subcommittees to assist them in the performance of their duties.
  • Publish an annual report (or work closely with President to publish an annual report).
  • Work closely with CBAP Board President and keeping them apprised of any developments.


  • A passionate belief and experience in social justice issues (Philadelphia specific-knowledge a plus).
  • Confidence with and competence in IT tools and applications e.g. Office, CRM/DRM, cloud based tools and social media.
  • Personal organization and attention to detail.
  • Previous experience or currently in a nonprofit development role.
  • Strong communication and writing skills.
  • External focus and ability to see the “bigger picture”.
  • Bachelor’s degree.


  • Full health insurance coverage
  • Flexible working arrangements.
  • PTO includes 12 sick days, 5 personal days, 4 weeks of vacation, Holidays.
  • Work remotely (within reason).






4-year degree



To be considered, please click this link: https://cbap.janehires.com/Jobs/fEID6wbtTUmBtUHuKV0WLA

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