Chief Financial Officer: American Friends Service Committee

Posted January 9th, 2019 at 12:39 pm.

Application Deadline: January 31, 2019

For consideration, please submit a cover letter and resume in the application.

Summary of Principal Responsibilities

Develop and implement the financial strategy, policy and direction of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) in partnership with the General Secretary, ensuring the organization’s overall financial health and sustainability. Work closely with the Associate General Secretary for Advancement to manage, account for, and project income from gifts, grants, endowments and other sources. As a member of the Leadership Team, manage the organization’s financial and accounting processes including budgeting, financial reporting, investments, and risk management. Oversee an efficient and effective Finance Department that is properly resourced to carry out its duties. In collaboration with the Director of Human Resources, assist with payroll and long-range planning for health and retirement benefits. Oversee all fiscal and fiduciary responsibilities and policies, in conjunction with the General Secretary, Board of Directors, the treasurer, and relevant committees of the board.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities: The key responsibilities of the Chief Financial Officer include the following:


  1. Manage AFSC’s fiscal resources and long-term budgetary planning to maximize the financial health of the organization in alignment with the strategic plan.
  2. Assess organizational performance against both the annual budget and AFSC’s long-term strategy providing regular reports to senior management, the treasurer, and the board of directors.
  3. Develop forecasts, analyses, systems and tools to provide critical financial and operational information to senior management.
  4. Engage the Stewardship Committee, Audit Committee, and Investment Subcommittee around issues, trends, and changes in the internal and external environment. Assist in establishing yearly objectives and meeting agendas, and selecting and engaging outside consultants such as auditors and investment advisors.
  5. Conduct training in financial operations for members of the board and appropriate board committees.

Financial and Operations Management

  1. Oversee all accounts, ledgers, budgeting and reporting systems, ensuring compliance with appropriate Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, regulatory requirements, and grant audit requirements.
  2. Maintain internal control safeguards and coordinate all audit activities.
  3. Oversee budgeting and the implementation of budgets to monitor progress and provide user-focused financial reports both internally and externally.
  4. Maintain procedures, training, and support to ensure consistent financial and accounting practices in all AFSC offices.
  5. Develop, manage and monitor grant proposals and once approved, monitor expenses and prepare reports.
  6. Manage AFSC’s U.S. and International finance compliance procedures and assess potential risk by developing and monitoring appropriate grant requirements and overall financial compliance standards and procedures.
  7. Partner with the Director of Information Technology (IT) to procure and maintain specialized finance IT systems that meet the needs of the organization.
  8. Partner with the Development Department to provide periodic analytic reports and forecasting tools that enhance fundraising. Continuously align fundraising plans and projections with budgeting and fiscal management.
  9. Partner with the Human Resources Department to select and analyze health, retirement, and other fringe benefits, and ensure smooth operation of payroll.
  10. Oversee AFSC’s relationship with all banks and financial institutions. Manage cash flow, lines of credit, and corporate credit cards for staff.
  11. Monitor financial status using sound forecasts; analyzing variances; and recommending improvements.
  12. Monitor and report on the financial status of AFSC’s retirement programs.
  13. Monitor the performance of AFSC’s investments, managing according to Quaker principles and employing socially responsible criteria in compliance with established board policies.
  14. Regularly review and recommend any needed changes to financial policies and procedures.

Team Management and Other Duties

  1. Manage, mentor and develop the staff of the Finance Department, managing work allocation, training, problem resolution, customer-focused service, performance evaluation, and the building of an effective team dynamic.
  2. Responsible for the staffing, recruitment and of the Finance Department staff.
  3. Support, and when appropriate guide, cross-unit teams addressing organizational issues or processes of which finance is a part. Maintain working relationships with the financial managements of other faith-based NGOs with which AFSC may occasionally partner.
  4. Attend meetings of the Leadership Team, and other staff and governance groupings as needed, including some evening and weekend meetings, travel, and consultation outside office hours.
  5. Carry out administrative, analytical, and other assignments as requested by the General Secretary and/or the Deputy General Secretary.


Minimum Qualifications

Education: Education at MBA level or ten years’ equivalent work experience with financial management and strategies required. CPA preferred.

Experience: At least 10 years of broad finance experience, including accounting, budgeting, and analysis of financial information at a senior level. Demonstrated experience in managing the finance function (accounting, budgeting, control, and reporting) within a diverse, organization operating in multiple geographic locations, preferably including international sites.

Other Required Skills and Abilities:

  1. Commitment to Quaker values and testimonies. Understanding of and compatibility with the principles and philosophy of the American Friends Service Committee including non-violence and the belief in the intrinsic worth of every individual.
  2. Understanding of and commitment to the principles, concerns, and considerations, of AFSC in regard to issues of race, class, nationality, religion, age, gender and sexual orientation, and disabilities. Demonstrated ability to work and communicate with diverse staff.
  3. Experience managing large complex budgets, preferably in the non-profit sector.
  4. Experience in contemporary financial management systems, including IT/software.
  5. Mature, proactive leadership and managerial skills, including good judgment, integrity, resilience, and an ability to work collaboratively.
  6. Strong analytical skills and experience interpreting a strategic vision into an operational model.
  7. Excellent communications skills, including ability to listening well.
  8. Experience working within a complex organizational structure, with committees, with consultative processes, and within a formal framework of decision-making by consensus. Experience with AFSC or other Quaker organization is desirable.

Compensation: Salary Range starts at $150,000 – Exempt – Comprehensive medical and hospitalization plan; term life, accident and salary continuation insurances, defined benefit pension plan, plus fringe benefits; participation in unemployment and worker’s compensation and social security.

The American Friends Service Committee is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified persons are encouraged to apply regardless of their religious affiliation, race, age, sex, gender identitysexual orientation or disability.

AFSC’s Central Office and some of its offices in the U.S. are unionized workplaces. This position is not represented.

The American Friends Service Committee is a smoke-free workplace.

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