Director of Human Resources: Philadelphia Legal Assistance (PLA)

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Job Summary:

The individual in this position is responsible for the administration and coordination of all human resources services and programs for over 50 employees, in the areas of recruitment and employment, benefits administration, employee relations, unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation, and general human resources operations. He or she will contribute to the development and improvement of employee morale and effectiveness through the implementation of human resources services and programs.

Work Environment:

Work is primarily performed in an office setting.

Qualifications, Education, and Knowledge: Bachelor’s degree in HR, Labor Relations, or Business Management; 3 plus years’ experience as a HR or Labor relations Manager or Director or HR Generalist with increasing management responsibilities; PHR or SPHR certification preferred. Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills required. Excellent problem-solving skills. Ability to relate to and connect with a diverse employee population; Effective negotiator, culturally competent, with demonstrated leadership skills; Experience working at a non-profit preferred; Experience working in a union environment preferred; Knowledge of state and federal labor law.

Essential Responsibilities:

I.                   Recruitment and Employment

a.      Source, recruits, interviews and hires qualified candidates for administrative and clerical staff openings.

b.     Advises and counsels employees regarding inquiries about available positions.

c.      Responsible for conducting new employee orientation.

d.     Maintenance and compliance with federal and state regulations concerning employment.

e.     Participates in job fairs and community outreach.

f.       Screens and provides employment application information to interested applicants.

g.      Screens calls on employment opportunities.

II.                 Benefits Administration

a.      Performs benefits administration to include claims resolution, change reporting, approving invoices for payment, and communicating benefit information to employees.

b.     Audits benefits plans to ensure accurate billing. Resolve discrepancies with vendors and payroll.

c.      Counsels employees on benefits and leave programs.

d.     Acts as a liaison between employees and benefit vendors to promptly resolve claim issues.

e.     Oversees the paid time off program and recommends and implements policy changes as necessary.

III.               Employee Relations

a.      Reviews all proposed employee disciplinary actions and advises the Supervisor of the best course of action based on compliance with established policy and past practices.

b.     Conducts investigations into employee complaints and concerns, resolving employee conflicts and advising management appropriately.

c.      Facilitates communication between employees and their supervisors and/or members of management.

d.     Conducts exit interviews and maintains metrics.

e.     Advises and recommends a plan of action in cases of employee suspension or discharge, based on compliance with established policy and past practices.

f.       Ensures all discharges are appropriate and warranted by considering fact finding, past practice, individual circumstances and potential risk to the organization.

g.      Advises the Executive Director of all potential risk related to specific disciplinary action, especially discharges.

h.     Ensures terms, conditions and privileges of employment are preserved and equally applied to all employees.

IV.               Unemployment Compensation

a.      Has access to the human resources counsel in order to maintain knowledge of current Pennsylvania unemployment compensation law.

b.     Represents the organization at unemployment compensation hearings and prepares the manager/supervisor and any other witnesses who attend the hearing.

V.                 Worker’s Compensation

a.      Coordinates payment of workers’ compensation premium with the Finance Department.

b.     Interacts with the representative from the insurance company in developing plans of action regarding collecting workers’ compensation benefits.

c.      Counsels employees and managers regarding on the job injuries and workers’ compensation benefits.

d.     Interacts with human resources counsel on workers’ compensation issues.

e.     Attend workers’ compensation hearings on behalf of the organization, as necessary.

VI.               Staff Supervision

a.      Supervises the Clerical and Administrative Staff

b.     Actively participates in administering the disciplinary process to reporting staff, as necessary.

c.      Actively participates in the hiring/firing process of reporting staff.

d.     Completes, in a timely fashion, all required performance appraisals.

e.     Communicates all pertinent organizational information to reporting staff.

VII.             Operations

a.      Assists in development, maintenance, interpretation, and implementation of personnel policies and procedures.

b.     Develops, recommends, and implements changes to existing Personnel Manual, interpreting manual as needed.

c.      Oversees writing and revising employee job descriptions.

d.     Participates in meetings and activities as a member of the administrative management staff.

e.     Completes employment verifications requests in a timely manner.

f.       Maintains personnel and benefits files on all employees.

g.      Process employee paperwork and enters data into the employee database. Maintains and generates reports as needed.

h.     Approves tuition reimbursement applications prior to and after course completion and authorizes reimbursement as appropriate.

VIII.           Training

a.      Assists Trainers with Compliance training, as needed.

b.     Creates, develops, and delivers supervisory and employee workshops as needed.

IX.               Compensation

a.      Partners with Hiring Committee Chair in job description development and modifications.

b.     Assists with implementation and management of performance evaluation process.

X.                 Supplemental Duties

a.   Complete other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.


Generous benefits package includes medical,and life insurance; long-term disability; paid holiday, vacation, and sick leave; and 403(b) retirement savings plan.

How To Apply

PLA invites all applicants to include in their cover letter a statement about how your unique background and/or experiences might contribute to the diversity, cultural vitality…

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