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Posted May 22nd, 2019 at 8:55 am.


The Coatesville Youth Initiative (CYI) is a vibrant nonprofit organization that engages youth throughout the greater Coatesville community in experiences that promote leadership and service. Established in 2008 as a project of the Brandywine Health Foundation, CYI was incorporated as an independent organization in 2013 to stimulate youth‐led, transformational community change. The organization fosters success for youth in school and in life by training youth leaders, enhancing family relationships, encouraging prevention education, and building collaboration among a wide range of partners to make the community better for everyone.

With the upcoming, planned departure of the founding Executive Director, the board of CYI seeks a seasoned leader to serve as Interim Executive Director (ED) and help the organization prepare for a permanent executive hire. The Interim ED will provide administrative, financial, and management oversight while partnering with the board in fundraising, board development, and planning efforts. Through the cultivation and preservation of relationships with partners and community members, the Interim ED also will work to sustain the organization’s central role in the Coatesville community.


The Interim Executive Director will report to a board of directors and oversee a staff of five employees as well as a pool of committed volunteers. The term is anticipated for 6‐9 months, with flexibility to amend the term, if needed. The interim is expected to be a part‐time position of 25‐30 hours per week.

Scope of Work

  1. Assess organizational core competencies related to board governance, fund development, strategic planning and program
  2. Assess staffing structure (particularly around development and marketing) and compensation and make recommendations for
  3. Produce written report and provide a summary of assessment findings to the Board of
  4. Create an action plan based on findings, which will propose strategies for strengthening the organization’s
  5. Work with board and staff in maintaining and enhancing relationships with funders, partners, youth, and community members.
  6. Serve as mentor and coach to CYI’s extremely dedicated and valued
  7. Oversee and support current program operations during the interim
  8. Prepare the Board of Directors to attract and hire a seasoned, well‐qualified permanent Executive Director.

Qualifications will be evaluated based upon the following

  1. Minimum 8‐10 years in nonprofit management/organizational leadership, with ability to influence and drive organizational evolution in keeping with mission, strategic goals, and
  2. Experience as interim leader and/or
  3. Affinity for social service organizations, preferably in youth service, community development, or related fields.
  4. Experience in collaborating with a nonprofit board of directors and engaging in successful fund development, board development, planning, and organizational
  5. Experience in developing and leading high‐performance
  6. Demonstrated experience in working with and supporting economically, racially, and socially diverse communities.
  7. Overall suitability to provide the required services within the timeframe
  8. Reasonable rate and fee

Qualification Package Requirements

  1. Provide a statement of qualifications and relative experience based on scope
  2. Issue a statement of interest outlining why you should be selected and what makes you uniquely qualified to perform the
  3. Provide examples of three (3) related jobs/projects and professional references with contact information.
  4. Provide overall estimated cost; hourly rate schedule, if applicable and any other additional costs or fees that would


Qualification package should be submitted by June 5 for initial consideration to:

Stamm Consultancy, Inc., (attention: CYI Interim ED), at:

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