Chief Financial Officer: Community Ventures

The CFO will take a leadership role in all financial decision making and operations for Community Ventures (CV), a non-profit developer of affordable housing and mixed-use properties in Philadelphia. CV’s mission is to partner with local neighborhood leadership to develop affordable housing, commercial space and other neighborhood infrastructure. CV also manages all of its rental properties, which currently includes 255 housing units and 6 commercial units. This position is anticipated to work 24 hours per week.

The CFO will:

· Actively manage the day-to-day accounting and financial operations of CV and its eight affiliated limited partnerships and other related organizations.

· Supervise the Financial Manager, who will carry out Accounts Receivable and Accounts payables functions.

· Develop budgets for the agency as a whole and all affiliates.

· Assist in the production of budgets for development projects; Monitor project budgets as construction progresses and projects are placed into service.

· Prepare, analyze and present financial reports for CV and all affiliates on a quarterly and annual basis or as otherwise requested by the Executive director (ED).

· Report on financial results and issues to the ED and Board of Directors.

· Prepare all program financial reporting required for public and private funding sources.

· Prepare all billings for administrative and construction costs related to ongoing development projects.

· Oversee the agency’s banking activities.

· Prepare cash flow reports on a quarterly basis or as requested by the ED, and actively manage cash flow to meet organizational needs.

· Manage accounting control systems to ensure the accurate and timely production of accounting information and financial reports.

· Monitor changes in legal, regulatory and administrative environments and implement changes in procedures needed to maintain compliance while maximizing operational and financial results.

· Manage the organization’s insurance policies, (1) seeking to reduce costs by requesting competitive bids at least once every three years and (2) meeting CV’s changing needs as it takes projects through the development, construction and management stages.

· Act as CV’s primary liaison with its independent auditor to ensure the annual audits for CV and its affiliates are completed smoothly and in a timely manner, according to the needs of CV’s partners and funders.

· Oversee the preparation and timely filing of all local, state and federal taxes returns for CV and all affiliates.

About Us

Community Ventures (CV) was established in May 1987 to develop low and moderate income housing in cooperation or joint ventures with neighborhood organizations. Community Ventures works with its neighborhood-based partners over a period of several years, planning and building a critical mass of housing, and, increasingly, related uses such as community gardens and retail space, to stabilize and improve the local community. Our first long term effort was in Philadelphia’s Francisville neighborhood.

CV completed its first two projects, Francisville Associates and Francisville Rainbow, in 1990, with nearly $1.2 million in city subsidies. These two projects created fifty-four scattered-site affordable rental units in Francisville. Over the next twenty-one years, CV completed eight more projects in Francisville, offering an additional 154 affordable houses and apartments, both for-sale and rental. These projects brought the total number of dwelling units built or renovated by CV in Francisville to 208.

While CV focused most of its efforts during its first decade on Francisville, the organization has developed partnerships in several Philadelphia neighborhoods in more recent years. It has renovated or built new housing in South Philadelphia east of Broad, the Susquehanna area of North Philadelphia, Germantown, Point Breeze and West Parkside, in all cases working with local community organizations.

CV has successfully constructed or rehabilitated over 380 homes for affordable rental or homeownership. Philadelphia has changed dramatically during CV’s corporate lifetime, and CV has changed along with its hometown, placing new emphasis on environmental sustainability and affordability in the face of gentrification, while maintaining a focus in all of its projects on high-quality planning and community improvement.

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