Chief Operations Officer: Share Food Program

The Organization

Share Food Program, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is a preeminent organization  dedicated to serving populations requiring access to nutritious affordable food, through an expansive regional network of community organizations. Developed over three decades, Share now fulfills its mission through federal and state government grants, public-private partnerships, and private resources.  The Share service area includes PA, MD, DE, NJ and NY.

The Position

The COO of the Share Food Program is the chief administrative officer for the operations of the Program related to its finances, facilities, human resources, technology, and the complex of processes required for the timely operation of its functions for serving Share’s clientele. The role of the COO is the management and organization of the staff by methods that guide, oversee and evaluate performance. The COO must provide a working environment that will empower those who have the expertise required for their functions.

The staff members of these functions, as described on current personnel descriptions and the organization chart, report to the Chief Operating Officer.  The Chief Operating Officer also will retain oversight of the management of staff members who report to intermediate members of the organization.  Staff whose functions relate to fund raising, communications, and publicity report directly to the Executive Director and any oversight of those functions by the Chief Operating Officer will be as directed by the Executive Director.

The COO must represent the Share Food Program in ways that instill a sense of confidence and admiration for the work of this Program that serves the nutritional needs of the people we serve.


  • Knowledge of operations adequate for oversight of staff who oversee those operations

  • Knowledge of the mission and goals of Share and its constituencies

  • Knowledge of sources of funding for Share’s multiple programs

  • Timely appraisals of the operations to ensure currency with modern applications

  • Timely communications with the Executive Director of the status of operations

  • Recommendations to the Executive Director of changes that will improve operations

  • Provide staff with the support needed to perform their functions at an optimal level

  • Create an environment of team work among the operations staff

  • Communicate with staff on issues that effect, or could effect, their operations

  • Perform staff performance analysis according to the Share Human Relations policies

  • Perform timely reviews of the organization chart and personnel descriptions

  • Recommend consultations in areas that require external expertise

  • Recommend to the Executive Director changes in the organization chart and personnel descriptions when changes are needed to ensure currency and accuracy

  • Prepare reports on operations to the Board as requested by the Board and/or the Executive Director


The COO must have the skills associated with each requirement of the position including but not limited to:

  • demonstrated communication skills

  • technological knowledge required for COO functions

  • health status required for all COO functions

  • licenses required for all functions

  • adaptability to flexible working hours

  • a demonstrated commitment to the mission and goals of the organization

Professional Qualifications

Minimum of 8-10 years of demonstrated experience in the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree Business Administration, Law, Management, or related areas

  • Managed a large staff in multifunctional organizations

  • Expertise in promoting team work and preventing the creation of “silo” units by ensuring effective integration of operations.

  • Significant interactions with vendors of supplies and equipment for an organization

  • Financial acuity adequate to ensure financial controls related to operations

  • Familiarity with the operational procedures of each enumerated function to communicate effectively with staff who oversee those functions

  • Decision making based on compliance with policy, adequate data, and critical analysis

  • Ability to respond to irregular working hours as needed

  • A valid driver’s license and current insurance coverage


• Advanced degree in Business Administration, Law, Management or related areas

• Role of COO for 3 or more years in a multifaceted organization

• Experience in organizations related to the functions of Share

• Familiarity with the communities served by Share

• Experience working with non-profit organizations

Application Submittal Procedure

All interested candidates should electronically submit a CV and cover letter to The cover letter should include the following elements:

  • Why you are interested in this specific position and Share Food Program

  • Any additional professional and/or personal experience that informs your qualifications for this position, that is not otherwise obvious from your resume

  • Your salary requirements