KAT6A: Fundraising coordinator

Job Title:                   Fundraising Coordinator

Reports To:               Director of Fundraising

Position Summary:

The fundraising coordinator is responsible for all aspects of developing and implementing, under the direction of the Director of Fundraising, the strategies associated with The KAT6A Foundation fundraising including donor investigation, cultivation, solicitation and procurement; collaboration with other departments on fundraising campaigns, outreach and sponsorship; event fundraising support including securing sponsorships, table purchases and donations; and community-based events oversight and assistance. In addition, the Fundraising Coordinator will manage the processes and tasks associated with fundraising implementation in association with event planning vendors. The position will also support and execute on newly developed fundraising efforts as the organization expands its solicitation efforts.

Position Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist in the development of a national fundraising plan
  • work collaboratively to identify new development opportunities not currently in place.
  • Secure “minor donors” ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 levels.
  • Promote fundraising events, and others as needed, by helping to secure table buyers, corporate sponsors and donors.
  • Manage all aspects of logistics and tactical needs associated with event-based fundraisers in conjunction with event planning vendors and volunteer committees, where applicable.
  • Work with other teams to implement follow up/follow through on all fundraising activities including campaigns and event-based fundraisers. Manage variety of relationships with fundraising committees, volunteers, sponsors and donors in support of all fundraising activities established by Director of Fundraising.
  • Work with other teams to promote these areas of business via public relations, website and social media awareness to ensure fundraising, fundraisers and sponsorships are maximized.
  • Track and manage fundraising budgets to ensure cost efficiencies, communicating with all internal and external resources (paid and volunteer) to ensure adherence to budgets.
  • Report on fundraising progress as required by Director of Fundraising.
  • Perform database tracking, where needed.

Position Job Requirements:

  • Minimum of BA/BS from an accredited institution required; advanced degree a plus.
  • Successful track record in securing and raising money, including 3-5 years of national experience.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in fundraising techniques.
  • Strong interpersonal and engagement skills; Posses the skills to work with and motivate staff, board members and volunteers.
  • Strong overall communication skills, both written and oral.Ability, desire and proven track record of cultivating external relationships
  • Self-starter, goal-driven and ability to work independently
  • Experience working with fundraising database platforms
  • Experience managing budgets
  • Exhibit follow through on tasks and goals through an organized work approach
  • Display positive attitude, show concern for people and community, demonstrate presence, self-confidence, common sense and good listening ability

Job Description Acknowledgement

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