CEO: Jewish Learning Venture


Jewish Learning Venture’s (JLV) mission is to inspire and empower families raising Jewish children, primarily in the Greater Philadelphia area, to make Judaism meaningful and relevant for themselves. Our innovative programs guide families and leaders of organizations to see Judaism as a means to create and maintain meaningful, thriving lives, through a Jewish lens. JLV fulfills our mission primarily through three programmatic areas: (i) Family Engagement (jkidphilly and PJ Library in Philadelphia); (ii) Jewish Education Innovation (Jewish Education Leadership Development); and (iii) Disability Inclusion (Whole Community Inclusion and jkidACCESS). For more information about JLV, please visit,, and

Position Overview:

JLV is seeking a dynamic leader who excels at building relationships, strategic planning, collaboration, development, and innovation with and for the benefit of the community, its stakeholders and professional staff.  This individual will be charged with forging, strengthening and maintaining relationships with colleagues, board members and members of the Greater Philadelphia Jewish community. The CEO will steward JLV utilizing  “best practices” to meet our mission. The position requires exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, leading a highly motivated, committed and productive staff with a team approach, and continuing to promote a culture of collaboration and support while inspiring, engaging and empowering all stakeholders.  Although currently JLV is conducting all of its affairs virtually, hopefully JLV will return to in-person operations in its office in suburban Philadelphia sometime in the summer/fall of 2021.  JLV anticipates that the position will commence on July 1, 2021.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Advocating the mission of JLV to its stakeholders to increase the awareness of JLV’s impact upon the Philadelphia Jewish community;
  • Maintaining current and developing new meaningful relationships with community partners;
  • Leading JLV’s Institutional Advancement program to ensure the sustainability of a financially-healthy and mission-driven organization;
  • Leading JLV staff to consistently develop and implement innovative programs in furtherance of JLV’s mission;
  • Overseeing the recruitment and professional development of JLV staff including  active leadership of, and engagement and collaboration with, JLV staff;
  • Overseeing the development of volunteer leadership of JLV, including Officers, Directors and Trustees; and
  • Periodically revisiting, implementing and developing JLV’s strategic and tactical plans.

Important Qualifications: 

  • Strong advocacy skills in engaging others in person, in writing and virtually (as necessary);
  • Strong analytical skills relating to budgeting and other financial analysis;
  • Thorough command of Jewish customs and practices;
  • Effectively communicate JLV’s mission within the community and actively engage community leaders, in order to increase awareness of JLV in the Philadelphia community and beyond;
  • Strong ability to enhance and maintain a sustainable fundraising program;
  • Substantial facility with the use of technology;
  • Visionary leadership skills employing a collaborative leadership style;
  • Models cutting- edge innovative strategic and programmatic mission-driven vision;
  • Dedicated to serving individuals of all abilities;
  • Strong knowledge of, and experience with, Jewish education, particularly as it relates to supplemental school programs;
  • Ability to inspire stakeholders and acceptance and appreciation of multiple perspectives; and
  • Ability to create and sustain an inspiring, committed, motivated and engaging professional staff.


Minimum of a bachelor’s degree (with one or more graduate degrees preferred), with at least 10 years of strategic leadership and management experience in Jewish communal organizations and/or related non-profit organizations.


Depending upon qualifications and experience, JLV anticipates an annual salary range of $110,000 to $125,000, plus benefits as are afforded to other full time “exempt” employees of JLV.

To Apply For This Position:

Applications should be submitted no later than Monday, February 15, 2021, by e-mail addressed to: and should include: (i) a letter of introduction addressing why the applicant believes that they are qualified for this position; and (ii) the applicant’s curriculum vitae.