Early Childhood Education Elections Coordinator: Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY)

About PCCY

Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY) is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives and chances of children within the Philadelphia region through thoughtful and informed advocacy.

Position Summary

We are seeking an experienced leader who will train and support early childhood sector stakeholders so that they can support and pressure candidates for state elected offices to speak to the need for greater access to affordable high-quality child-care and Pre-K as they campaign.

Key Duties:


  • Create training materials and conduct trainings that are tailored to meet the schedules and experience level of early learning stakeholders statewide. To the extent that trainings can be held in-person, offer the trainings and rely on via webinar or zoom sessions for the balance of the trainings.
  • Provide ongoing support to local stakeholders create useful profiles and networks of influence for candidate so early learning stakeholders can mobilize others in their community to amplify the Start Strong PA and Pre-K for Pa election season messages.
  • Track candidate activity and support early learning stakeholders to engage with public and networking events orchestrated by the candidate, supporters of the candidates or those organized by civic and business organizations.
  • Advise the Start Strong PA and Pre-K for Pa campaigns on campaign visibility materials and manage the dissemination of any items purchased to increase the visibility of the campaigns during the election seasons.
  • Work with the campaign media consultants to draft memos for reporters/editors to help ensure that early learning issues are covered as part of the election reporting and similarly construct memos for the League of Women Voters or other candidate and public information channels used as part of the local election infrastructure.
  • Help local stakeholders design feasible local events communities where there are contested races for state office that will persuade candidates to speak to the need to increase state funding for high quality infant-toddler and Pre-K services.
  • Track, for both campaigns, candidate statements on campaign issues and state funding for expansion of these services so that campaign leadership and local stakeholders are knowledgeable of candidate positions throughout the election cycle.
  • Participate on the Communications, Mobilization and Grasstop Committees of both campaigns.
  • Provide a tracking tool for both campaigns that can provide the leadership of the campaign useful data on the impact of the election coordinator position and stakeholder engagement in the activities supported by the election coordinator.
  • To the extent possible attend local events organized to support candidate engagement and/or inform the Governing Committee members of the campaigns of these events so that they can be present.
  • Work with communications contractors to draft flyers, commentaries and materials needed to persuade candidates to be champions of early learning.

Qualifications, Education, Experience & Skills:

  • A passion for supporting the engagement of early learning sectors, allied stakeholders and parents as they engage in educating candidates and increasing the pressure on candidates to publicly state they will fight for more resources for affordable, high quality early learning services.
  • Experience working with state-elected officials either as legislative or executive branch staff or as an advocate with a positive track record of impact.
  • Knowledge of the processes that candidates use to run for state office and how to influence the election narrative.
  • Experience connecting stakeholders to the election cycle.
  • Highly organized and able to multi-task.
  • Strong verbal communication skills, positive and patient approach as a trainer and clear written communication skills.
  • Knowledge of the key policy challenges in the early learning sector preferred but not required.
  • Ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
  • Facility with Facebook, Twitter and lnstagram.

Other Duties:

  • Attend all PCCY staff meetings and participate in special events as needed.
  • Attend all in person meetings of the two statewide campaigns (typically three times a year in Harrisburg).

Reports To: Executive Director

Apply: Resume and cover letter to info@pccy.org