Executive Director: La Puerta Abierta, Inc

La Puerta Abierta, Inc is a community-based small non profit which offers pro bono, bilingual, culturally and trauma-informed counseling and  therapy support that is flexible and accessible for the (predominantly) Spanish speaking  community of immigrants who meet our criteria for service. While LPA’s work is  therapeutic at its core, we are responsive to the complicated needs and issues facing this  diverse community, particularly in the context of local and national immigration policies  that create barriers to services and supports that ensure wellbeing. LPA collaborates closely with other clinicians, educators, and community service providers others who  work with immigrants to better understand the broad range of migration, acculturative,  and family stressors that can affect the mental and behavioral health of immigrant youth  and families. LPA’s services include a range of programming designed for newcomer  immigrant youth, particularly those who have arrived unaccompanied, individuals and  families seeking behavioral health support but who face challenges due to legal,  language, economic and social barriers to care.

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Executive Director position of La Puerta Abierta provides  the oversight and management of all key aspects of the LPA organizational system that  ensures its smooth, transparent, and effective functioning while developing  opportunities for growth that aligns with the values and mission of the organization and  expectations of all stakeholders.

More general responsibilities include the cultivation of relationships, coordination of  partnerships in the local and international community, all aimed to promote and  maintain the highest standard of mental health care and related support to our most  vulnerable populations of youth and families.

Specific responsibilities of this position include:


• Oversee compliance with all necessary registrations, documents, audits and  state/federal financial records and state/federal subcontracts.

• Maintain and oversee ongoing development and implementation of human  resources support that aligns with the size and scope of the organization. • Oversee the development and dissemination (as indicated) of all training  materials, policies and guidelines that relate to the mission of the organization. • Conduct routine meetings with the Board of Director Executive Team members relating to organizational matters and attend to governance of LPA matters as  needed.

• Oversee the safety, ethical and best practices of all aspects of the organizational  structure.

Leadership and Management (INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL): • Support LPA’s Board of Directors through transparent communication,  participation in board meetings, and providing information to board committees. • Collaborate with the board to define and update the strategic goals and objectives  of the organization.

• Provide guidance and support in the implementation of board-led initiatives. • Cultivate LPA/provider relationships within the local and international  community that relate to the mission of the organization.

• Develop, coach, and motivate management-level staff and provide oversight  regarding all areas of compliance and organizational management.

• Oversee organizational structure, onboarding, recruitment, staff development,  and retention.

• Function as lead coordinator of internship and volunteer recruitment and  oversight.

• Coordinate and co-facilitate interviews and related evaluations of students and  volunteers.

• Develop and implement annual evaluations and measures that inform  advancement of qualified staff as is appropriate.

• Set compensation policy, including benefits for staff and contractors.


• Promote and assist in all funding development, with the assistance of the Board  of Directors, that supports the integrity and solvency of the organization. This  includes fundraising leadership and ensure that funds are sufficient to execute  the annual budget.

• Oversee and assist with the creation and management of financial documents,  including annual budget, income and balance statements in coordination with  Board treasurer and LPA bookkeeper.

• Provide all necessary documents for the completion of annual federal and state  financial forms (990, BC010, etc) with the guidance of LPA bookkeeper and  accountant.

• Oversee and cultivate community partnerships that make up the portfolio of  services, subgrants and critical sources of organizational revenue.

• Provide necessary support and expertise in identifying strategic growth and  development opportunities.


• With key LPA team members, serve as the face of the organization at conferences,  panels and other community events pertaining to health equity and policy issues  that directly or indirectly relate to LPA’s work.

• Oversee the physical spaces of the organization within appropriate standards that  ensure safety and comfort for team members and clients.

• Help build, sustain, and strengthen all board functions, in collaboration with  Board of Directors, including conducting meetings, policy compliance, and  committee work.

• Ensure that the organization operates correctly and functionally including  payment of contractors, overseeing payroll processes in collaboration with  bookkeeper and that adjustments in these processes are managed in a timely and  appropriate manner.

• Ongoingly evaluate and update short- and long-term strategic planning for the  organization and ensure the nonprofit’s strategic vision is clear to internal and  external stakeholders and that implementation occurs in a timely manner.

• Incorporate a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of  LPA’s work.

• Ensure that LPA’s values are embraced and supported by staff, contractors and  volunteers and community partners.



• Bilingual/bicultural, with a high level of relevant cultural proficiency in spoken  and written Spanish

• A deep appreciation for the mission and values of LPA, as well as a thorough  understanding of the unique and complex challenges and strengths relating to the  local, national and transnational immigrant community.

• At least 3 years of senior management experience; Graduate level clinical and/or  Social Work training a plus.

• A dedication to creating an inclusive, collaborative, and supportive work  environment.

• Strong and empathetic communication, collaborative attitude, and excellent  problem-solving skills.

• At least three years of development, fundraising, and/or other revenue generating experience, including a demonstrated understanding of earned  income models.

• Familiarity with local and regional private and public funding sources that align  with the mission of LPA.

• Innovative in spirit, values-driven, self-directed, and action-oriented. • Exceptional interpersonal and culturally proficient verbal and written communication skills.

• Demeanor that is adaptable, accessible, compassionate, and professional.

• Flexibility in availability (evenings and/or weekends) as needed.


La Puerta Abierta is committed to staff learning, growth, and development. Our  investment in staff includes:

• A commitment to developing leaders from within the organization.

• Salary commensurate with experience, within the range of $85,000 to $95,000 / year.

• Health care allowance/coverage

• Cell phone and wellness stipends.

• PTO days, sick leave and holidays.

Additional details: La Puerta Abierta is committed to accessibility of services and  maintains its main office suite in the Kensington section of Philadelphia with additional  office space for client contact in other areas of the region. All team members maintain a  hybrid work model, with virtual and office-based presence as needed.

To apply: Please submit a cover letter and resume by email with “Executive Director Application” in the subject line to hiring@LPA-theopendoor.org.

Electronic submissions only. No phone calls, please. We ask that applications be  submitted by June 7, 2024.


  • Flexible schedule
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Professional development assistance
  • Vision insurance

Please submit a cover letter and resume by email with “Executive Director Application” in the subject line to hiring@LPA-theopendoor.org. Electronic submissions only. No phone calls, please. We ask that applications be submitted by June 7, 2024.