Executive Director: Interfaith Caregivers of Haddonfield and Haddon Heights

Anticipated Start Date January 15th-February 1st


Interfaith Caregivers is a nonsectarian organization that facilitates independent living by providing supportive volunteer services for people who are 65+ or have disabilities. We have been successful in meeting this mission for 30 years.

The Executive Director position is a full-time position that carries the primary responsibilities for leading the organization to meet its mission by leveraging technology for fundraising and advocacy, advising and developing the Board of Directors, overseeing successful delivery of services, securing grant and donor funding, and advancing the profile and value of Interfaith Caregivers within the Haddonfield and Haddon Heights communities.

The Board seeks a new director who is able to build upon our strong foundation with excellent communication skills, possesses knowledge and experience in fund development, has the ability to use social media to promote the mission of the organization, and demonstrates strong leadership talents and relationship building skills.

Salary Range $56-60K

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume and references to:


Deadline: December 31st