Funding Coordinator and Events Manager: KAT6A Foundation

We are seeking a bright, committed, enthusiastic and experienced person to serve as our Fundraising Coordinator and Events Coordinator/Manager who would report to the Executive Director of the KAT6A Foundation. The KAT6A Foundation is located in West Nyack, New York.


The KAT6A Foundation’s mission is to support people and their families living with KAT6A and KAT6B related disorders. We are dedicated to raising funds to further research and identify possible treatments that could lead to a better quality of life. We aim to inform, raise awareness, and identify more individuals with KAT6A and KAT6B gene mutations. This enables researchers and clinicians the opportunity to discover more about these rare disorders and give our community greater consideration.

Position Summary:

The Fundraising Coordinator and Events Coordinator/Manager works under the direction of the Executive Director and is responsible for all aspects of developing and implementing fundraising programs for the KAT6A Foundation.

This includes:

  • Individual and corporate donor, cultivation, solicitation and procurement
  • Working with the Board and KAT6A/KAT6B families to develop and implement fundraising drives
  • Collaboration with other kat6a Foundation committees on existing fundraising campaigns, including community based events
  • Identifying and developing new possible fundraising events
  • Identifying and facilitating table purchases at conferences and fundraising events

Position Duties and Responsibilities:

– Assist in the development of a fundraising plan that coordinates with KAT6A/KAT6B families living throughout the US.
– Work collaboratively to identify new development opportunities not currently in place.
– Secure donors of all levels, especially focusing on $1,000 to $10,000 range.
– Promote, manage and attend all fundraising events, as needed, by helping to secure table buyers, corporate sponsors and donors.
– Manage all aspects of logistics and tactical needs associated with event-based fundraisers in conjunction with event planning vendors and volunteer committees, where applicable.
– Work with other teams to implement follow up/follow through on all fundraising activities including campaigns and event-based fundraisers.
– Manage a variety of relationships with fundraising committees, volunteers, sponsors and donors in support of all fundraising activities established by the Director of Fundraising.
– Work with other teams to promote these areas of business via public relations, website and social media awareness to ensure fundraising, fundraisers and sponsorships are maximized.
– Track and manage fundraising budgets to ensure cost efficiencies, communicating with all internal and external resources (paid and volunteer) to ensure adherence to budgets.
– Report on fundraising progress as required by the Executive Director.
– Perform database tracking, where needed.
– Attend some required non-fundraising events (such as an occasional Board meeting).

Position Job Requirements:

– Either BA/BS (or an equivalent) from an accredited institution required; advanced degree preferred, and a successful track record in securing and raising money, ideally including 3-5 years of national experience;
– Demonstrated knowledge and experience in fundraising techniques;
– Strong interpersonal and engagement skills;ability to work with and motivate staff, board members and volunteers;
– Strong communication skills, both written and oral;
– Ability, desire and proven track record of cultivating external relationships;
– Self-starter, goal-driven and ability to work independently;
– Experience working with fundraising database platforms;
– Experience with managing budgets;
– Exhibit follow- through on tasks and goals through an organized work approach;
– Own a laptop and printer for remote work;
Ability to maintain a positive attitude, show concern for people and community, demonstrate presence, self-confidence, common sense and a good listening ability.


The KAT6A Foundation is the recent recipient of a 2-year CZI Initiative Rare as One Grant. These grants are awarded to patient-led organizations that are developing and launching collaborative research networks in partnership with clinicians and scientists. The program provides funding, tools, and capacity-building support and training. The KAT6A Foundation Fundraising Coordinator position will initially be funded through this 2-year grant and is a fixed, 20 hours per week position. The starting pay is $30 per hour. This is a contracted grant- based two-year job offering and if necessary, may be performed remotely. There could be a possibility of employment continuation at the end of the two-year grant based upon a successful garnering of funding from new grants and fundraising activities as well as a positive review by the Executive Director and the Board of Directors.

DEI and Anti-Oppression:

The KAT6A Foundation is committed to DEI/anti-oppression policies and practices and is committed to EEOC principles. We expect applicants to have awareness of their own social location, to be able to intercept their own and other’s potential misuse of privilege, and to understand the experience of families and individuals living with this condition.

Please submit your application, contact number(s), email and resume to:
Emile Najm, Executive Director, The KAT6A Foundation