Director of Marketing and Advocacy: Food Bank of South Jersey

Specific Responsibilities

Leadership, Management and Supervision

 Provide leadership and supervision to the team and manage division functions.

 Cultivate an environment conducive to professionalism, excellence and top performance.

 Identify resources needed for efficient workflow and support the professional development needs of staff.

 Foster a collaborative and respectful work environment that upholds FBSJ’s core values.

Marketing and Communications Management

 Develop and lead the implementation of an integrated marketing plan incorporating a comprehensive editorial strategy and measurable digital marketing strategy.

 Conduct or oversee a brand awareness and environmental scan assessment; design and execute branding strategy.

 Devise strategies and tactics for connecting the organization to its target audiences and various

stakeholders, for the result of a higher public profile, larger market share of gifts and prominent recognition as the leading authority about food insecurity in South Jersey.

 Oversee content creation, brand reputation, special events, marketing, advertising and messaging assets, and the overall update of online and offline marketing materials.

 Conceptualize and deploy innovative strategies that include visual storytelling and other push and pull strategies that increase engagement and awareness.

 Develop and manage a marketing budget, RFPs, vendor relationships as applicable.

 Manage the marketing and communications deliverables for Feeding America corporate partnerships and cause-related marketing initiatives.

 Create a media relations strategy; issue press release and serve as one of the leading spokespersons for the organization and the first point of contact for press comments, etc.

 Compile and report on FBSJ’s impact; keep abreast of industry stats and emerging reports on food insecurity; monitor FBSJ’s position on watchdog sites and online reviews.

Advocacy and Government Relations Management

 Develop and maintain a communications strategy to lawmakers; develop periodic briefs for the executive team on legislative and regulatory issues that impact FBSJ.

 Participate in specific advocacy events and opportunities to further the best interest of FBSJ’s mission and strategic initiatives.

 Develop and maintain a legislative and regulatory monitoring system, along with an advocacy network of agencies, board and staff.

 Track and report on advocacy activities.

 Provide relevant and timely thought-leadership communications leveraging data, stats and trends impacting the food insecurity landscape and outlook in South Jersey.

 Perform other tasks as assigned.

Qualities and Characteristics

 Considerable and proven experience in leading and growing an organization’s public profile and market penetration through innovative and cost-effective marketing strategies.

 Exceptionally strong communicator with the ability to articulate the organization’s brand, program and position to a wide and diverse audience of stakeholders that includes elected officials, donors, business leaders, community partners, media and the general public.

 Technically savvy with a sufficient knowledge of current and futuristic trends to ensure the organization keeps pace with cutting edge technology and strategies relative to marketing.

 Entrepreneurial strategist that consistently seeks and acts on opportunities to increase the organization’s market position and prominent recognition as the Food Bank FOR South Jersey.

 Excellent research, writing, organizational, public speaking, and presentation skills

 Ability to perform effectively in a fast-paced environment, with a high level of creativity and self-direction.

 Proficient in select MS Suite programs and all social media platforms

 Proficient with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Framemaker, DreamWeaver, HTML, HTML 5 and CSS

Leadership Capabilities

 Establishes a plan for vision and strategy

 Manages the department

 Sponsors change and innovations

 Responsible for all activities associated with staffing the department; to include recruitment, interview, selection, on-boarding, training, coaching, development and appraisal of staff


 Five to ten years relevant experience

 Five to ten years of leadership and managerial experience

 Bachelor’s Degree in related field; Master’s degree a plus.