Grants Manager: American Friends Service Committee

Status: Full-Time, Exempt

Location:  Philadelphia, PA

Application Deadline: January 24th, 2022

For consideration, please attach your Cover Letter and Resume to the online application in addition to answering the Application Questions at our Job Center (

Overview of grant unit

The Grant Unit is part of the AFSC Development Department, which raises general and restricted funds for AFSC through annual giving appeals, major and planned gifts, and grant requests. The Grant Unit is currently responsible for a portfolio of approximately 125 domestic and international grants annually, amounting to approximately $9-10 million.  The Unit’s purpose is to raise grant funds to support AFSC programs from institutional funders including foundations, corporations, and governments. The Unit collaborates with program staff, Regional Directors, and staff from other support units to facilitate the submission of grant requests and reports on grant-funded programs.

Summary of development department

Development staff, in cooperation with program and administrative staff and committee members, raises general and restricted funds for AFSC.  Solicitations are carried out by mail appeals to current and prospective donors; by cultivation and personal visits for outright major and planned gifts, and for large annual gifts; by preparation of program proposals and reports to foundations; and by other fundraising methods as are appropriate and feasible.

Summary of Principal Responsibilities

Manage the operational, administrative and stewardship functions of the grants unit. Under the supervision of the Director of Grants, works with Grant Officers, Grants Accounting Manager and program support units across the organization to ensure compliance with AFSC’s grant submissions and acceptance protocol. Oversee grant stewardship by facilitating compliance to grant terms, and overseeing gift acknowledgements. Serve as a liaison with the Finance department to ensure proper recording/tracking of allocation and distribution of grant revenue, and cashflow on grant pledges. Manage centralized information systems (databases, files, calendars) of the unit.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:  The key responsibilities of the Grants Manager include the following:

Grant Management/Administration/Stewardship

  1. Maintain a timetable of funder deadlines for relevant staff.
  2. Manage grant award and compliance.
  3. Manage and facilitate grant post award meetings of the Grant Process Team.
  4. Interpret terms and conditions specified by the Funder for Grant Process Team approval or amendment.
  5. Along with the Grants Accounting Manager manage grant stewardship and reporting; identify parties responsible for grant stewardship and/or narrative and financial reporting; and maintain systems for coordinating and communicating grant deadlines for the Grant Unit, Finance and relevant program staff across the organization.

Financial Monitoring and Coordination

  1. Manage grant award allocation, distribution, and internal characterization in coordination with Regional Controller(s), and the Donor Services Staff. Ensure grant receipts are identified, allocated and recorded in accordance with approved terms.
  2. Monitor and track grant revenue and projections for the Grant Unit. Maintain systems for recording and reporting grant receipts, cash flow and balances on outstanding pledges. Provide analysis for revenue projections/goals, program budgets/revisions and requests for transfers of funds.
  3. Identify and review pledge notifications and cash receipts (checks, wire transfers) and provide direction for gift processing. In consultation with Regional Controllers (and in accordance with approved grant terms), assign designated account numbers for proper grant allocation; notify appropriate program management and administrative staff of payments.
  4. Working closely with the Grants Accounting Manager, based on grant contracts and agreements, prepare and distribute grant income reports on a regular basis, to include actual and projected income and balances remaining on pledges. During the year, monitor activity on the accounts receivable and consult with Grants Accounting Manager to determine any necessary corrections to payment allocations.
  5. At year-end, provide assistance to firm performing the annual Audited Financial Statements. Be available for questions concerning receivables and related income matters and provide source documentation as required.

Grant Unit Operations

  1. Oversee day to day management of the grant unit.
  2. Provide general administration, data tracking, staff management and technology needs.
  3. Develop/maintain standard grant management procedures and provide ongoing communication and training for grant unit staff.
  4. Special projects as needed which may include coordinating interns, small grant applications, developing Salesforce best practices.

Minimum Qualifications

Education: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience.

Experience: Five or more years’ experience in nonprofit administration or fundraising, or a minimum four years related experience.

Other Required Skills and Abilities:

  1. Excellent critical thinking and project management skills required.
  2. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills: ease with speaking and presenting in a group setting;
  3. Solid organizational skills and the ability to work productively in a fast-paced environment, and the ability to prioritize a multi-faceted workload under strict deadlines, sometimes with limited guidance;
  4. Flexibility, patience, and the ability to work productively in a team environment and independently, and the willingness to meet unexpected demands with a positive attitude;
  5. Excellent computer skills with knowledge of fundraising software (preferably Salesforce) and MS Office (Word, Outlook and Excel, in particular).
  6. Demonstrated experience in database management required.  Knowledge of FC Search, Socrates, Salesforce, or similar database programs desirable.
  7. Ability to plan, set priorities, and meet deadlines;
  8. Attentiveness to detail and accuracy in data entry, reporting, and writing;
  9. Ability to act with sensitivity and discretion while working with highly confidential information;
  10. Ability to understand and interpret financial reports, analyze financial data for the purpose of monitoring adherence to funder specified guidelines. Ability to work cooperatively with committees and staff, and in an organization, that is characterized by a high level of consultation in which consensus is the formal process for reaching decisions.
  11. Commitment to Quaker values and testimonies. Understanding of and compatibility with the principles and philosophy of the American Friends Service Committee including non-violence and the belief in the intrinsic worth of every individual.
  12. Understanding of and commitment to the principles, concerns, and considerations, of AFSC in regard to issues of race, class, nationality, religion, age, gender and sexual orientation, and disabilities. Demonstrated ability to work and communicate with diverse staff.

Compensation:  Salary Range 16 ($58,197 – $78,564)  – Exempt – Comprehensive medical and hospitalization plan; term life, accident and salary continuation insurances, defined benefit pension plan, plus fringe benefits; participation in unemployment and worker’s compensation and social security.

The American Friends Service Committee is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.  Qualified persons are encouraged to apply regardless of their religious affiliation, race, age, sex, gender identitysexual orientation or disability.

AFSC’s Central Office and some of its offices in the U.S. are unionized workplaces. This is a Bargaining Unit I position.

AFSC maintains a deep commitment to a mandate of care for our staff and communities, and thus requires vaccination for COVID-19; as well as adherence to social distancing, masking, and office occupancy protocols.

The American Friends Service Committee is a smoke-free workplace.

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