Program Director: Community Arts Center

JOB DESCRIPTION: PROGRAM DIRECTOR                                                                                     

The Program Director of the Community Arts Center reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for developing and coordinating the programs of the Community Arts Center in support of the Arts Center’s mission and in coordination and cooperation with the Executive Director.

The Program Director is responsible for:

  • Working with faculty to plan and implement semester programs at the Community Arts Center including:
    • Issuing and receiving faculty contracts.
    • Negotiating and calculating faulty pay rates
    • Reviewing class offerings and costs with individual faculty members.
    • Coordinating the publication of course info online and in print with office staff and office manager.
  • Planning and implementing the Summer Spree program, including:
      • Developing schedule and planning curriculum.
      • Hiring faculty and aides.
      • Ordering, inventorying and distributing supplies.
      • Assigning responsibilities and rooms.
      • Overseeing registration.
      • Maintaining a budget for the program.
      • Dealing with students, families, faculty, staff and volunteers at it pertains to this program.
      • Supervising staff during the program.
      • Provide regular reports to Executive Director and Board of Directors.

  • Coordinating  the outreach program at the Community Arts Center, including:
    • Contracting with faculty to provide programs.
    • Working with organizations to develop programs.
    • Coordinating faculty with organizations.
    • Authorizing faculty pay for outreach programs.
    • Negotiating costs with organizations receiving programs.
    • Developing budgets and maintaining accurate records of costs for outreach program in accordance with CAC annual budget
    • Providing regular updates to Executive Director and Board of Directors.
  • Coordinating with Ceramic Studio Manager to plan ceramics programs.
  • Assisting Development Associate with grant applications
  • Working with the Executive Director to develop new programs and coordinate the implementation of new programs.
  • Identifying program needs and identifying new faculty members.
  • Working with Arts Center staff to achieve the mission of the Community Arts Center.
  • Other tasks or jobs relating to the operations of the Community Arts Center, including some weekend and evening hours.

Please Note:

This position is expected to begin late October or early November.  There may be some flexibility in that schedule for a candidate who is a good fit and has a situation that cannot accommodate that schedule.

Education Level: 

No specific educational degree is required. At least a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience is desired.
To Apply

To apply please email resume and cover letter to Paul Downie: