Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

Status: Full-Time

Location: Philadelphia, PA and will consider other established AFSC locations

Application Deadline: January 20, 2021

For consideration, please submit a resume and cover letter with your application in addition to completing the application questions.

Summary of Principal Responsibilities

The Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DDEI) will provide strategic and creative leadership to advance AFSC’s inclusion and diversity goals and established initiatives in the U.S. and in our international locations.  As a member of the Leadership Team, the DDEI will work collaboratively across the organization to develop, monitor and report on actionable and measurable DEI goals, strategies, and metrics in alignment with organizational development goals outlined in our 2020-2030 Strategic Plan. The DDEI will work directly with the General Secretary on key strategic initiatives with matrix reporting to the Deputy General Secretary. The DDEI will ensure that AFSC develops and implements proactive and integrative policies, strategies and practices that lead to a more inclusive work culture, a broad base of diversity knowledge with dynamic tools and continuous innovation and learning, and that supports staff affinity groups so that genuine inclusiveness is reflected in the workplace, the programs we carry out, and the relationships and partnerships we engage. The DDEI will serve as an institutional resource in areas of cultural diversity, structural racism, gender equality and justice, disability, sexual orientation, ethnic and religious tolerance, and gender identity and expression. The DDEI will use elements of Quaker process by consulting and collaborating widely and regularly in order to facilitate growth and change across the organization.

This highly strategic and facilitative position requires proven experience in diversity and inclusion training, coaching and an understanding of institutional and structural racism/oppression as experienced in the U.S and internationally. The position also requires project management skills including research, planning, organizing, developing, and participating in and/or leading cross cultural/functional teams. In addition, this role requires collaboration and experience in problem solving with a balance of empathy and pragmatism and someone who is a team player and leads by example to build trust and credibility.

The position requires someone who is committed to an appreciative inquiry approach, building a learning culture, and striving to help shape a positive, affirmative organizational culture.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities: The key responsibilities of the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion include the following:

Strategy Development and Support

  • Work with staff and Board leadership across the organization in developing proactive, integrative strategies, approaches and multiyear plans to successfully achieve the internal diversity and equity objectives and goals outlined in the 2020 – 2030 AFSC Strategic Plan.
  • Consult with and advise the senior leadership and the General Secretary in order to facilitate an organization-wide shared vision of dismantling institutional racism and oppression that may be present in AFSC and reporting on the progress of inclusion and equity strategies and goals.
  • Provide coaching, technical assistance, and monitoring to all AFSC programs and central office departments and units in their development of multiyear diversity, equity and inclusion strategies, objectives, and goals in alignment with AFSC 2020 – 2030 Strategic Plan.
  • Serve as the staff liaison to the Board Community, Equity and Justice Committee (BCEJC), providing support and guidance.
  • In cooperation with the Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations, ensure that staff recruiting, hiring and career advancement practices comply with all relevant Federal, State, and local AA/EEO and international diversity requirements as an employer.
  • Work with the Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations in the implementation and improvement of the biannual staff satisfaction survey to measure AFSC’s progress toward creating a workplace climate of unity and inclusiveness.

Organizational Learning

  • Create and deliver learning and capacity building opportunities for AFSC staff and volunteers around diversity & inclusion, institutional and structural racism/oppression, colonialism, gender justice and feminism, and overall cultural competence that reflects the global footprint of AFSC’s work.
  • Maintain active and current content in the Diversity and Equity resource center intranet page, with relevant resources, tools, and best practices, policies and directives, and procedures that are easily accessible and available to staff across the organization.
  • Develop targeted trainings, tools and resources to support program and Central Office managers in the management of diverse staff and teams.
  • Coordinate and facilitate the planning of the diversity and equity component of orientation for all staff and volunteers with the active support of Human Resources and BCEJC.
  • Design, develop, and implement organizational dashboard reports, workflow metrics, and analysis to identify historical trends.

Affinity Group Support

  • With the Deputy General Secretary (DGS), provide support to the Affinity Group Council to ensure that prospective and approved AFSC staff affinity groups are supported.
  • Provide guidance and support to new proposed staff affinity groups as outlined in the AFSC’s affinity group handbook.

Anti-Racism/Oppression Assessments

  • With the DGS, develop and enhance assessment tools on all forms of institutional oppression.
  • Provide coaching and training for staff and governance groups on the effective use of tools and templates in the appropriate decision-making processes.
  • Monitor, review and analyze completed assessment reports to extract and codify learnings in order to improve the toolkits’ use and format.
  • Prepare an annual report for senior management and Board on the learnings and effectiveness of assessments on decision-making across the organization.

Monitoring and Reporting

  • In collaboration with the Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations, monitor and report annually on the implementation and progress toward staff and board numerical Affirmative Action goals.
  • Works with Human Resources and BCEJC to identify areas of concern and develops appropriate strategies to achieve AA goals outlined in the Affirmative Action policy and plan.
  • Visit programs periodically, meeting with the program leadership and staff to support and address diversity goals.
  • Provide periodic reports outlining the progress, barriers and proposed improvements in implementing D&E goals and strategies with staff to senior leadership.

Relationship Management/Development:

  • Participate in national and international diversity and equity networks and partnerships to ensure that our policies and practices are in keeping with the best practices in the field and to share AFSC’s experiences and learnings in this regard.

Minimum Qualifications

Education: Baccalaureate degree in a related field or an equivalent combination of formal education and experience required.


  1. A depth of understanding of the US and international issues of diversity and inclusion and experience with implementing organizational transformation activities.
  2. Direct experience working with Equal Employment Opportunity and/or Affirmative Action issues. Working knowledge and understanding of all applicable EEO laws. Direct work experience with issues of cultural differences, gender equity, religious tolerance, structural racism, agism, gender identity and expression, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability. Demonstrated sensitivity to these issues.
  3. Demonstrated experience in workplace diversity and inclusion.

Other Required Skills and Abilities:

  1. Demonstrated ability to exercise discretion; set and maintains standards for confidentiality, apply policies with consistency, use creativity in problem solving; ability to integrate information and use sound judgment and retain a positive outlook under pressure.
  2. Experience with and commitment to the principles of AFSC in regard to issues of race, class, age, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. Commitment to implement AFSC’s affirmative action policy of non-discrimination and plan for the inclusion of women, gay and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons, people of color, and persons with disabilities.
  3. Commitment to affirmative action as witness to the Quaker belief in the equal worth of all people. Experience working with a wide range of people from diverse racial, cultural, economic, and other backgrounds. Demonstrated ability to work and communicate with diverse staff and be sensitive to their personnel needs.
  4. Demonstrated ability to clearly convey information and ideas both verbally and in writing. Resiliency, flexibility and capacity to be effective, maintain productivity, keep focus on results and use sound judgment are required attributes.
  5. Demonstrated ability in assessing staff development needs and implementing training solutions as needed. Evaluate effectiveness and integrate in lessons learned for future staff training.
  6. Ability to work collaboratively, building relationships and teams across functions. Ability to negotiate, influence and compromise. Ability to provide and receive feedback.
  7. Requires sound judgment and decision making skills.
  8. Computer proficiency in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Experience working with various types of software preferred.
  9. Willingness and ability to travel, as needed, to attend evening and weekend meetings, and to be available for consultation within and outside office hours.
  10. Commitment to Quaker values and testimonies. Understanding of and compatibility with the principles and philosophy of the American Friends Service Committee including non-violence and the belief in the intrinsic worth of every individual.
  11. Understanding of and commitment to the principles, concerns, and considerations, of AFSC in regard to issues of race, class, nationality, religion, age, gender and sexual orientation, and disabilities. Demonstrated ability to work and communicate with diverse staff.


To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies in the position:

  1. Non-Profit Management Acumen
  2. Managing Vision and Purpose
  3. Creativity
  4. Listening
  5. Managing Diversity
  6. Political Savvy
  7. Analytical
  8. Strategic Agility

Compensation: Salary range $105,000-115,000, commensurate with experience – Exempt – Comprehensive medical and hospitalization plan; term life, accident and salary continuation insurances, defined benefit pension plan, plus fringe benefits; participation in unemployment and worker’s compensation and social security.

The American Friends Service Committee is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified persons are encouraged to apply regardless of their religious affiliation, national origin, race, age, sex, gender identitysexual orientation or disability.

AFSC’s Central Office and some of its offices in the U.S. are unionized workplaces. This position is not represented.

The American Friends Service Committee is a smoke-free workplace.

How to Apply

For consideration, please submit a resume and cover letter with your application in addition to completing the application questions here.

Director of Operations: Urban Creators

Position Overview: The Urban Creators are excited to welcome a new ‘Director of Operations’ to our team in 2021 to help nurture a culture of collaboration, inclusivity, transparency, trust, and love at Life Do Grow. This role will be critical for our operations moving forward as the “glue” or “central spoke” in our collective.

Roles & Responsibilities: The roles & responsibilities of the Director of Operations will include, but are not limited to:

  • Leadership: Support program strategy and implementation with overall organizational goals and values.
  • Internal Communication: Facilitating a consistent flow of information between all staff members, departments, Co-Op Members, executive leadership, and Board of Directors.
  • External Communication: Managing Urban Creators general communications and inquiries including website and newsletter.
  • Administrative Oversight and Support: Managing all aspects of Urban Creators programming, markets, events and special projects including logistics, coordination, documentation and recordkeeping.
  • Consensus Facilitation: Facilitating a process of collaborative decision making around daily operations, team coordination, programming, new opportunities, challenges, conflict management, and accountability.
  • Accountability: Nurturing a culture of collective accountability where we all uphold our shared values, community agreements, goals, process’, and standards for spatial organization.
  • Data Collection and Evaluations: Documenting and consolidating impact metrics and narratives/testimonials. Co-produce our Annual Report & Program Evaluation with executive leadership.

Required Knowledge & Experience

  • A collaborative approach to leadership, partnership development, and people management
  • Understanding of and interest in community-based efforts to build a more just world.
  • Ability to successfully support groups that come together across race, class, gender, age, sexual orientation and ability.
  • Comfortable working in a range of working environments, including outdoors and remotely; in groups/teams and alone; with flexible/adapting schedules.
  • Strong problem-solving capabilities, project management skills, and facilitation experience.

Schedule & Compensation

The Urban Creators Director of Operations will be a full time position with an annual salary of between $40,000-$45,000/year.

The Urban Creators is committed to building a team that reflects the diversity of our North Philadelphia Community, and creating an inclusive environment for all employees and members of our collective. We encourage Women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and individuals from other historically underrepresented or marginalized groups to apply. Urban Creators does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, veteran status or any other legally protected factor.


2315 North 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19133

If you are interested in applying for this position, please review the descriptions bellow and submit an application by FEBRUARY 5th by e-mailing us at with your Resume/CV and a Cover Letter that speaks to who you are, what skills and experience you hope to bring to the Urban Creators team, why you are passionate about social justice and collaborative leadership, and why you think you would be a good fit for this position. Be as creative as you wish when submitting this application (attaching any relevant photos, videos, art, music, letters of rec, articles, etc. that speak to your passion/experience are welcome).

All jobs will begin in early March. Interviews will be conducted mid-February, so please be sure to submit your application to us no later than February 5th.

Director of Finance: James A. Michener Art Museum

The James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown seeks a Director of Finance to join our leadership team. The Director of Finance provides leadership and direction for the financial management of the Michener Art Museum. The position is responsible for developing a fully integrated approach to financial procedures and controls across all Museum departments, including all aspects of risk management. The individual will oversee financial accounting, human resources, retail operations, visitor services, property management, investments, and guidance for all earned revenue at the Museum.

The position will build and sustain the capacity of the Finance Department and provide stewardship through the establishment, monitoring and overall improvement of budgeting, accounting and cash flow systems and procedures. The Michener Art Museum has an annual operating budget of approximately $3.0 million, and assets in excess of $30 million.

The position reports the Executive Director of the Michener Art Museum, serves as a key member of the Executive Team and coordinates with other museum directors to ensure the smooth flow of information and resources to help the organization overall. The Director of Finance works in active partnership with the Board Treasurer and staffs the Finance, Investment, and Audit Committee.

Primary Responsibilities:

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Participate as a member of the Museum’s Executive Team. Work closely with the Executive Director and directors to address high-level organizational issues and opportunities. Attend board meetings and take on occasional cross-functional projects to advance mission.
  • Provide effective and timely financial information to the Executive Director and executive leadership team to support decision making
  • Lead the Museum’s Financial Management, including:
    • Accounting: With staff support, manage accounts payable/receivable; review invoices and check requests; review and process checks to be paid. Manage cash flow; produce regular cash flow reports. Prepare payroll and liaise with payroll vendor. Provide a high quality, detailed analytical review of balance sheet and income accounts each month. Manage general banking and checking accounts. Reconcile bank accounts, credit card accounts and processing fees, petty cash and cash advances. Reconcile and file sales tax returns on monthly basis. With contract auditor, prepare and file 1099 and 1098 forms and files. Evaluate internal accounting controls, as needed.
    • Budgeting: With Executive Director, oversee annual budgeting and planning process; drive efficiencies through a critical review of current processes and procedures; administer and review all financial plans and budgets for over 25 departmental budgets; monitor progress and changes; and keep executive leadership informed of financial status.
    • Financial Reporting: With contract accountant, prepare monthly financial reports for staff and board in a timely manner. Explain significant budget variances. Prepare financial data for development department applications and reports. Monitor cash, bank loans, investment, and interest activity. Prepare pre-season estimates and post-season recaps for all presented events. Oversee all financial, project/program and grants accounting.
    • Audit: Serve as main point of contact for independent auditors on completion of the annual organization-wide financial statement audit and preparation of the annual Form 990, preparing supporting schedules and providing backup documentation as requested.
  • Performing risk management by analyzing the Museum’s liabilities and investements in insurance practices, cyber security, and all institutional operations.
  • Present monthly reports detailing critical analysis, significant variance, and cash flow forecasts to the Executive Director, Finance, Investment, and Audit Committee, and at regular Board Meetings.
  • Serve as primary point of contact with the organization’s bank, investment advisor, insurance broker, payroll, HR, and outside compliance firm, ensuring positive relationships with consistent, effective, and timely communication.
  • Provide leadership for all HR activities including compliance, performance management, training and development, employee relations, recruitment and retention, diversity and inclusion, compensation, conflict resolution and strategic planning.
  • Oversee all retail operations for the Museum, investigating creative opportunities for growth.

Qualifications and Skills:

The ideal candidate will be strategic, detail-oriented, and creative with the ability to explain financial processes and procedures to that others can understand. They will maintain confidentiality and professionalism at all times, and have experience working with non-profit organizations and boards. They must be a strategic thinker skilled in analysis and problem solving. The idea candidate will be motivated and a self-starter with excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong interpersonal and supervisory skills and the following:

  • Bachelor’s of Accounting or Finance with a minimum 5-7 years experience managing a financial department or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Demonstrated experience as a finance director, or similar role, for a non-profit or governmental organization with specific responsibilities for administration and management of accounting functions and staff.
  • Demonstrated experience in financial management with responsibilities for the development, monitoring and reporting on the financial status of the organization and its various strategic and programmatic initiatives.
  • Experience in developing and monitoring annual budgets for a non-profit or governmental organization with an annual budget exceeding $2 million.
  • Experience with continuous or process improvements techniques with particular emphasis on improving efficiency of business processes
  • Experience with human resources policies and procedures including direct supervision of staff.
  • Expertise in Microsoft Suite and Quickbooks required, with understanding of POS systems a plus.
  • Knowledge of federal and state legislation affecting nonprofits, including IRS regulations, and fund accounting and nonprofit GAAP.
  • Experience in grants management including compliance and reporting for grants and contracts.
  • Experience with personnel practices and human resources, HRCI or SHRM certification a plus.
  • Strong communication and organizational skills required


In 1988, with the support of many dedicated citizens, the James A. Michener Art Museum opened as an independent, non-profit cultural institution dedicated to preserving, interpreting and exhibiting the art and cultural heritage of the Bucks County region. The museum is named for Doylestown’s most famous son, the Pulitzer-Prize winning writer who first dreamed of a regional art museum in the early 1960s.

The Museum has evolved from a modest facility with a locally derived mission to an accredited world class-facility with a broad vision. A world-class collection of Pennsylvania Impressionist paintings and special exhibitions showcasing a wide range of historical and contemporary work attract annually more than 135,000 visitors from around the world.

Salary is commensurate with experience plus excellent benefits. This is a full time regular, non-exempt position.

The James A. Michener Art Museum is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Education Level:
Bachelor’s of Accounting or Finance with a minimum 5-7 years experience managing a financial department or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
To Apply

Interested candidates should submit your resume and cover letter with salary requirements to Applicant review will continue until the position is filled. Please indicate your last name and “Director of Finance” in the subject line. No phone calls, please. We will respond to those candidates whose qualifications are best aligned with the components of this job description.

Deputy Director of Operations: Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY) – Picasso Project

Position Summary

PCCY is a dynamic child advocacy organization focused on improving the lives of children by building support and momentum to improve local, state and/or federal policies that can promote racial and economic equity for children as they grow up in Pennsylvania.

PCCY is a group of highly motivated and passionate staff who have a track record of winning scale-level changes that improve the lives of thousands of children.

PCCY’s structure has two main components that are interdependent—the Policy Team, led by the Executive Director, and an Operations Team that will be led by a newly created Deputy Director of Operations, who will report to the Executive Director.

This position is a perfect fit for a person who sees strategic advantages, grasps “the big picture” and enjoys connecting dots of internal and external resources, effectively aligns resources, pays attention to details, and who relishes getting things done with a team.

To be successful in this job the person must enjoy collaborating and getting the best out of his/her co-workers and should be highly motivated to contribute to a respectful workplace that demonstrates a commitment to racial diversity, good co-worker relationships, fun, and, most of all, impact.

The Operations Team includes event management, office management, administration services, information technology management, financial operations, marketing and communications, and fundraising, including major gifts, corporate engagement, and philanthropic development.

Job Responsibilities

  • Serve as the internal organization lead managing the processes for report releases and public events ensuring that logistics and programming successfully consider the needs of donors, policy makers, key stakeholders, and the press.
  • Ensure the calendar and sequencing of PCCY activities is workable so that projects are synergistically supporting each other and are not competing or undermining in any manner.
  • Provide strategic leadership to staff helping them plan and work together so that each aspect of PCCY’s work is attracting new partners, supporters, and resources.
  • Manage special projects that require intra-team planning and project management.
  • Orchestrate a project management system that enables operations and policy team members to interface and complete common projects efficiently and with optimal impact.
  • Increase stakeholder engagement in PCCY’s work by helping the operations and policy team micro-target supporters and partners who can be connected to and play a role in our advocacy initiatives.
  • As new job positions are created, gather input and draft job descriptions, ensure position vacancies are promoted in a way that will generate a diverse pool of candidates, ensure interviews are held and appropriate offer letters are executed.
  • Lead a periodic internal risk assessment process involving key board members in the review as directed.
  • Consistently seek to improve the internal communications systems and build staff skills in using the current platforms that support fundraising and stakeholder engagement.
  • Support efforts in an ongoing manner to streamline and improve grant reporting and ensure compliance with all state and local lobbying compliance.
  • Ensure correspondence to various boards, councils and board committees is complete and is disseminated in a timely manner and draft regular updates to the board for the Executive Director.
  • Provide direct support to each member of the operations team through individual meetings.
  • Convene the operations team regularly to identify logjams and opportunities and work with the team to define steps to optimize the team’s effectiveness.
  • Identify the training needs of the team and work with the Executive Director to find training resources.
  • Improve internal communications within PCCY by assisting staff to prepare for staff meetings and team meetings so that progress and impact can be maximized.


  • Positive experience managing three or more direct reports responsible for the operational activities of an organization.
  • A track record of successfully managing multiple projects and usefully deploying project management technology in a fast-paced workplace.
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to see the big picture so that critical information can be synthesized for executive decision-making.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills that enable operations and policy staff to effectively and easily contribute to decision-making and the success of initiatives/projects.
  • Creative problem-solving skills that ensure the team and Executive Director can readily work together to overcome challenges and/or achieve higher levels of impact.
  • Highly organized with the ability to have a quick recall and rapidly track down details or needed information quickly.
  • Excellent time management skills and a patient listener.
  • A good sense of humor and ability to learn from mistakes and a desire to celebrate victories.
  • Experience as a manager or project director in a company or organization that is diverse and working to be more inclusive and diverse.

Reports To:  Executive Director

Salary:          $80,000 – $100,000 plus benefits

To Apply

Send resume and maximum two-page cover letter highlighting operations experience to

Manager of Programs and Special Events: Science History Institute

The Science History Institute is currently recruiting for the full-time position of Manager, Programs and Special Events.  This newly-created position is a part of the Development department and will report to the Vice President of Development and External Relations. The Manager of Programs and Special Events will manage development-related programs to include special events, awards, as well as industry-related affiliate programs.  Additionally, the Manager of Programs and Special Events will assist in managing Board of Directors meetings and communications.

The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in history, communications or science.
  • Minimum of five years of professional work experience in a non-profit, preferably in development.
  • Proven project management skills, including the ability to successfully manage multiple projects simultaneously, to meet deadlines, to create and maintain project management documents and tools, and the ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Strong computer and database skills, including solid knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.  Experience with Raiser’s Edge is a plus.
  • Experience or knowledge of social media management strategy.
  • Strong professional presence and interpersonal skills, with the ability to represent the Institute in a professional manner to leaders in the chemical industry, scientists, donors and Board members.
  • Ability to work evenings and weekends as needed.
  • Ability to travel domestically and internationally (5-10%)
Education Level:
Bachelor’s Degree
To Apply

To be considered for this position, please send cover letter, resume and contact information for 3 professional references to:

Science History Institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer –

About the Organization:

The Science History Institute collects and shares the stories of innovators and discoveries that shape our lives. We preserve and interpret the history of chemistry, chemical engineering, and the life sciences. Headquartered in Philadelphia, the Institute houses an archive and a library for historians and researchers, a fellowship program for visiting scholars from around the globe, an acclaimed museum that is free and open to the public, and a state-of-the art conference center. Visit to participate in one of our robust public programs, view our collections and exhibits online, and for free resources for historians, parents, teachers, and students.

Grants Manager: Delaware Art Museum

The Delaware Art Museum is a small, collaborative community in which each member of the team is uniquely valued for their skills. We are seeking a Grants Manager, who will work across the Museum to meet revenue goals through developing and managing foundation and corporate, and government grants. The Grants Manager will focus on matching the funding sources for Museum needs which include capital projects, programs, exhibitions, and general operations. For this reason, people with a wide range of knowledge and research interests are the ideal fit for these positions. Attention to detail and superb writing skills are key for this position.

The Grants Manager will support development efforts through research, maintenance of donor and sponsor relationships, timely reporting, and budget management. They will regularly meet with members of the Leadership Team to discuss current and potential grant opportunities and coordinate all grant writing activities, including management of grants calendar, proposals, correspondences with grantors, and final reports. This role requires a person with a collegial spirit who is proactive and creative in their pursuits of new funders and grant opportunities.

We are looking for candidates who have:

  • Master’s degree in the Humanities preferred.
  • A passion for the arts and a commitment to the success of the Delaware Art Museum’s mission, strategic plan, programs, and high standards of achievement are expected.
  • The ability to digest, synthesize, and articulate information concerning programs, exhibitions, capital projects, and the Museum’s operations to a variety of audiences.
  • Demonstrable research experience required; experience writing grants  preferred.
  • Strong organization skills including effective time management, ability to set and meet deadlines, and demonstrated ability to work effectively in multi-tasking, fast paced environment.
  • Highly motivated and demonstrated ability to work both independently and collaboratively as part of a team.
  • The ability to deal with confidential materials with discretion.
  • Excellent written and verbal skills with a strong attention to detail.
  • Knowledge of and experience with database systems preferred.
  • Skilled in MS Windows and MS Office products.
  • A collegial attitude and a sense of humor.

The Delaware Art Museum is committed to inclusivity and encourages qualified candidates from all cultures and communities to apply. Delaware Art Museum is an equal opportunity employer.


To learn more about the Delaware Art Museum, please visit our website at



Founded in 1912, the Delaware Art Museum is a primary cultural and arts institution in the state. Our mission is to generate creative energy that sustains, enriches, empowers, and inspires by connecting people to art. The Museum meets its mission through offering diverse exhibitions, art education programming, special events, and 100+ programs, from tours and art classes to workshops and community days, to nearly 80,000 people each year.

In 2017, the Museum devised a three-year strategic plan to become a welcoming and inclusive, civically-engaged, vital hub that acts as a catalyst for change in our community. To that end, we’ve partnered with the community to develop programming ranging from an annual writing conference to the development of events and exhibitions commemorating the 50th anniversary of a public disturbance that led to the nine-month occupation of the City of Wilmington—the longest peacetime occupation in US history. We are committed to being agents of change, striving to diversify our collection to combat the historical underrepresentation of women and people of color in museums’ collections. We are forward-looking and community focused. We are looking for applicants with the same spirit and who embrace the Museum’s core values: Art at Our Core, Commitment to Community, Steward Public Trust, Make Work Meaningful, Embrace Innovation and Experimentation.

Education Level:
Master’s degree in the Humanities preferred.
To Apply

Please submit a cover letter, resume, writing /grant sample you have authored to Human Resource at Interviewing will begin when qualified applicants have been identified; the job will close when an offer has been accepted.

Chief Executive Officer: Broad Street Ministry

Reports to:    Board Chair and Vice Chair

Manages:    Chief Operating Officer, Chief Development Officer, Pastor

Position Type:    Full Time, Exempt

Effective Date:    October 2020

To apply for this position, please submit a cover letter, resume, and salary requirements by January 29, 2021 to


Broad Street Ministry (BSM) was established in 2005 when a team of visionaries, led by Convening Minister and Founder, Rev. Bill Golderer, opened Broad Street Ministry in the historic Chambers-Wylie Presbyterian Church in order to create a space that would inspire, nourish, and welcome people from all walks of life. With seed funding from several local churches, Broad Street Ministry was created as a broad-minded faith community with a mission to foster creativity, extend inclusive hospitality, and work for a more just world through civic engagement. Over time the mission evolved to include serving Philadelphians living in deep poverty who are experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity. To that end, BSM began serving a Thursday meal in 2008.

Today, the Hospitality Collaborative is the flagship program offering five community meals and a wide array of services (mail service, personal care, mending, clothing closet, therapeutic arts, reentry services, and counseling) to over 7,000 unique guests per year. BSM also provides case management (“Concierge Services”) for its most vulnerable guests to help them to access a broad range of stabilizing services. Strong partnerships with nonprofits, local businesses, and the City of Philadelphia have been created to ensure effective and coordinated provision of basic needs and supports. In addition, BSM continues to have an active and vibrant worship community and volunteer chaplaincy program to meet the spiritual needs of those welcomed to the space, offered on a voluntary, opt-in basis. “Radical Hospitality,” collaboration, and civic engagement permeate through all of BSM’s programs and activities, creating a rich foundation for social impact for its guests.


The CEO is responsible for developing, implementing, and executing BSM’s overall strategy.  In addition to being the architect of the strategic plan, the position will focus on philanthropic fundraising, determine best practices for all programs and activities at BSM and the long-term financial success of the organization.   Additional critical issues include external relations, building partnerships with city agencies, related non-profits, and networking with critical constituencies.  This is not a faith-based position, nor does it require membership in any religious institution.

Broad Street Ministry is seeking an innovative and entrepreneurial leader, who can meet unexpected challenges and pivot to meet strategic needs.  The CEO will be responsible for positioning BSM for success in the future and determining a clear path forward.  The CEO is entrusted with building a culture of caring that honors BSM’s mission and values, while executing on the strategic priorities of the organization.


a. Organization Management – 10%

  • Acts as the chief executive officer/chief administrator of the organization
  • Staff management – hires, supervises, trains, and motivates senior staff
  • Ensures Senior Leaders are managing their staff and developing their leadership skills
  • Works with the staff to develop programs and implement policies/procedures to fulfill the organization’s goals
  • Identifies gaps in staffing, establishes individual goals for senior leadership based on organization’s financials
  • Works with finance to manage organizational spending, monitor budget compliance, and mitigates financial risks

b. Interaction with Board – 10%

  • Supports the Board in fulfilling its governance function
  • Partner with the Board in helping them govern the strategy, direction, and policy
  • Assists the Board in helping them monitor the strategic plan, assist them with their fundraising goals, and annual budgeting oversight
  • Anticipates the needs of the Board and the community with respect to the mission, and communicate those needs and corresponding changes to the Board
  • Reports regularly to the Board on the activities of the organization
  • Facilitates Board and Committee discussions and functions
  • Participates actively in all Board meetings as a non-director

c. Fundraising – 30%

  • Manages the organizational fundraising in partnership with the Board and CDO
  • Drives key results in fundraising identifies, cultivates and solicits donors and key leaders of prospective new corporate and foundation contacts
  • Promotes a culture of fundraising in the organization both at the staff and board level
  • Cultivates and stewards major gift prospects
  • Works with the Chief Development Officer to develop a comprehensive annual fundraising plan
  • Serves as the spokesperson of the organization at events, in the media, and other key presentations.

d.  Strategy – 50%

  • Responsible for creating and implementing BSM’s strategic goals and objectives, identifying new opportunities, and leading BSM to accomplish these goals
  • Executes the vision, strategic direction, operations, fiscal and development objectives necessary
  • The CEO will be the steward of BSM’s five-year strategic plan and actively monitors its growth.  She/he consistently has the strategic plan top of mind and strives to meet major milestones
  • He/she understands the BSM brand and his/her role in growing and protecting the reputation
  • Ensures goals of inclusiveness and diversity among staff and volunteers are achieved


  • Mission focused.
  • Leadership:  Team Builder.  Ensures the right people are in the right roles.   Experience managing a staff of a minimum of 20 employees.
  • Collaborator – Understands the diverse roles and contributions of all stakeholders.
  • Experience in social services/social work including service delivery to vulnerable populations preferred.
  • Strategic thinker – knows how to develop and work within a strategic plan.  Consistently monitors and evaluates the organization’s performance in relation to the plan.
  • Experience with a Capital Campaign preferred.
  • Organizational development – teach, mentor, and develop talent.
  • Ensures goals of inclusiveness and diversity among staff and volunteers are achieved.
  • Results Driven:  Dedicated to shared and measurable goals.
  • Strong communication skills – written and oral; a persuasive communicator with excellent presentation skills.
  • Interpersonal and influencing skills.
  • Business acumen:  Possesses a high level of broad business and management skills and is effective at garnering financial support for the organization.
  • 10 years of experience in non-profit leadership.
  • Bachelor’s degree in related field.


The mission of Broad Street Ministry is to transform our city, our institutions, and ourselves by embracing the individual needs of our most vulnerable sisters and brothers, and by embracing radical hospitality.  We believe that the only way to achieve that mission is to have a diverse staff that is representative, at all job levels, of the citizens we serve.

Broad Street Ministry does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, marital status, age, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy, genetic information, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, criminal record, or any other status protected under federal, state, or local law.  Broad Street Ministry believes that diversity and inclusion among our staff is critical to our success as a community services organization, and we seek to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people from a diverse candidate pool.

The successful candidate will receive a competitive compensation package that includes: medical, dental, and vision, 401(k) retirement plan, paid holidays and PTO.

To apply for this position, please submit a cover letter, resume, and salary requirements by January 29, 2021 to

To Apply

To apply for this position, please submit a cover letter, resume, and salary requirements by January 29, 2021 to

Human Resources Manager: The Barnes Foundation

The Human Resources Manager is responsible for overall administration, coordination and evaluation of Human Resources functions.

Established as an educational institution, the Barnes Foundation carries out its mission by promoting appreciation of the arts and horticultural science, through the preservation, presentation, and interpretation of the collections of Albert C. and Laura L. Barnes.

Celebrated for its exceptional breadth, depth, and quality, the Barnes Foundation’s art collection includes works by some of the greatest European and American masters of impressionism, post-impressionist, and early modern art, as well as African sculpture, Pennsylvania German decorative arts, Native American textiles, metalwork, and more.

The Foundation engages diverse audiences through its exceptional collections and related high-quality programs that reflect a broad range of periods and cultures and build on the founders’ innovative educational vision of transforming lives through the arts and horticulture.


Job Specific Competencies:

  • In coordination with the Chief Human Resources and Diversity Officer, develops policies and procedures to ensure continual compliance with laws and regulations as well as the maintenance of best practices.   Ensures employees understand company policies and procedures.
  • Performs benefits administration to include: anticipating and processing benefit changes, reconciling benefit invoices and assisting with annual benefit enrollment processes.  Regularly communicates benefit information to employees, including development of annual Total Compensation statements. Administers leaves and COBRA in compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Supports development and ongoing internal communication about compensation practices.
  • Generates reports as needed to analyze turnover, injuries, compensation, performance management and other data to ensure legal compliance and support the strategic initiatives of the organization.
  • Assists with the development and implementation of annual performance evaluations, development and updates to job descriptions as necessary.
  • Processes new-hire, status change, workers’ compensation and termination paperwork and/or on-line transmissions.
  • Conducts orientation for new hire employees.
  • Establishes and maintains department records and reports. Maintains and updates HRIS system as well as other employee records in order to meet Federal and State legal requirements.
  • Verifies I9 documentation, completes the I9 and maintains I9 files.
  • Supports CHRO and management staff with performance management and employee relations.
  • Participates in employee recognition planning and activities to support employee engagement.
  • Take the lead on employee relations matters pertaining to leaves of absence and use of fringe benefits.  Maintains employee confidentiality in these dealings.
  • Assumes responsibility for personal and professional growth.
  • Performs other duties as assigned/required by supervisor.

Managerial Competencies:

  • Demonstrates the ability to monitor, supervise and hold accountable all employees in the areas of attendance, completion of documentation, ADP and implementation of all company policies, procedures and protocols.   Competence to build, collaborate, and effectively manage interpersonal relationships at all levels of the institution.
  • Maintains written documentation of supervision for oversight and review by other parties as appropriate.
  • Demonstrates the ability to maintain a stable, productive team environment through effective communication, staff appreciation and other activities that yield a high level of employee engagement to support and preserve the employee’s interest in working for The Barnes Foundation.

Skills and Knowledge:

  • 5 years relevant experience working in Human Resources functions such as benefits administration, compensation specialist, Human Resources generalist or coordinator roles.
  • Master’s degree in Human Resources Management or business-related field OR Bachelor’s degree plus additional 1-year relevant work experience (6 years minimum) OR Associate’s degree and additional 3-years relevant work experience (8 years minimum).

Licenses/Certifications SHRM-CP or PHR required; SHRM-SCP or SPHR preferred

Competitive Benefits Include: Group health, dental and vision insurance; flexible spending accounts; short- and long-term disability and group life insurance; 403(b) with matching contributions; Employee Assistance Program; voluntary benefits; as well as paid vacation, personal time, sick time and holidays.

Please include a cover letter and an updated resume with your application, along with salary expectations.

The Barnes Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we’re committed to diversity and equal opportunity in our recruitment and hiring. Qualified candidates of all backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to apply for this position. Employees have rights under other laws including, but not limited to, the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Employee Polygraph Protection Act. We participate in E-Verify.

Marketing & Communications Program Officer (Planner III): Delaware Division of the Arts

The Delaware Division of the Arts has an opening for a Marketing & Communications Program Officer (Planner III).

Summary Statement: Serving as the agency’s public information officer and marketing director, this position will be responsible for coordinating all agency communications through social media, news releases, and publications. Responsibilities include planning and implementing all public relations campaigns, marketing initiatives, and Division communications. This position also coordinates management of the state arts calendar and communications with grantees and constituents about Division programs and events.

Selective Requirements: These must be met in addition to the job requirements.  Applicants who do not possess the selective requirement(s) will not be qualified.

Six months experience in public relations, media relations or communications such as establishing and promoting a positive image with the public, informing or influencing specific audiences through the use of internal and external communications such as public forums, journalism, writing, marketing, advertising, promotions, or special events.

Preferred Qualifications: Applicants who do not possess the preferred qualification will still be eligible to compete for this position if job requirements are met.

Six months experience in marketing/advertising which includes developing and implementing marketing campaigns.

Education Level:
Bachelor’s Degree
To Apply

All applications and materials must be submitted online through the Delaware Employment Link at between January 4 and January 17. No materials sent directly to the Division of the Arts or Human Resources department will be processed. Details on the State of Delaware hiring process can be found at:

Director of Donor and Partner Relations: Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve

Background and Mission

Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve (the Preserve) was founded in 1934 with a mission to inspire the appreciation and use of native plants by serving as a sanctuary and an educational resource for conservation and stewardship. It is a member-supported nonprofit organization that has come to be recognized as a local treasure, a state resource and a national institution. Known regionally for its community-based programming, it is considered a statewide source for wildflowers and is the only accredited museum in the nation focused exclusively on native flora.

Position Summary

The Director of Donor and Partner Relations serves a critical leadership role for the Preserve in partnership with the Executive Director, providing development, special event, financial and administrative design, planning and management to maximize fundraising efforts, build effective partnerships, and leverage organizational resources to further the Preserve’s mission and reach. The successful candidate will be a front-facing leader with exceptional communication skills, an energetic and passionate demeanor, and the ability to enthusiastically articulate the mission and goals of the Preserve to the community. A proven track record in obtaining major individual gifts, foundation support, government grants and corporate sponsorships is essential. While the Director of Donor and Partner Relations is anticipated to have some grant management staff support, they will be responsible for database management and maintenance, donor and member acknowledgements, list management, direct mail appeals, membership recruitment and renewals, and special events. The Director of Donor and Partner Relations reports to the Executive Director.



  • In partnership with the Executive Director and Development Committee, create an annual plan of achievable and stretch goals, objectives and outcomes for development initiatives
  • Collaborate with the Board of Trustees and Development Committee through direct meeting participation and support for their participation in development activities
  • Research funding sources and trends in order to position the Preserve ahead of significant changes in the fundraising environment
  • Serve as staff management in the absence of the Executive Director

External Relations

  • Research and identify donor prospects, including individuals, corporations, governments, and foundations, and work with the Executive Director to cultivate, solicit and close gifts
  • Design and implement strategies to grow the Annual Fund and Membership programs through individual and institutional gifts, special events, and corporate sponsorships, including a communications and special event calendar
  • Analyze and oversee fulfillment of Membership benefits, making ongoing recommendations for appropriate updates
  • In partnership with marketing staff, develop, manage and implement communications associated with development and special events, including but not limited to brochures, websites, social media, press releases and email campaigns for membership recruitment and renewals, annual fund appeals, newsletters, Preserve Notes and event invitations
  • Develop future capital and endowment campaigns by working in partnership with the Executive Director, Board of Trustees, Development and/or Campaign Committee, and consultants
  • Design and execute small, medium and large special events for both fundraising and cultivation purposes, building long-term support and engagement
  • Investigate and develop strategy for planned giving program
  • Participate in local, regional and/or national associations of development professionals and network with community, business and sister NPO leadership


  • Oversee and manage lists, including but not limited to membership, business partners, sponsors, donors, prospects, Land Ethics Symposium and other education program lists for mail appeals, digital appeals, invitations, newsletters, registrations, and Preserve Notes
  • Maintain internal physical and digital file retention system for tracking and reporting purposes
  • Recruit, train and manage staff and volunteers involved with development activities
  • Manage the maintenance and future upgrade of existing CRM software, or research, propose and implement migration to new CRM system
  • Process, deposit and acknowledge all charitable contributions including donations, in-kind contributions, tribute and memorial gifts, memberships, grants, event proceeds, and matching gifts
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 5+ years of experience in donor relations
  • Superior communication skills – written, verbal and interpersonal
  • Excellent time management and flexibility with job duties
  • Creativity, self-starting ability, strong organizational skills, and oriented to a high level of detail
  • Demonstrated ability to work well independently and with competing priorities
  • Proficiency in Raiser’s Edge, Microsoft Office, Google Suite, and social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram in particular)
  • Occasional travel for external meetings and special events
  • Knowledge of the southeastern Pennsylvania philanthropic community a plus but not required

Work Schedule

This is a full-time position with occasional weeknight and weekend work as needed. Some remote work is possible for the right candidate.

Visit us at for more information.

The Preserve is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to non-discriminatory policies. All decisions regarding recruitment, hiring, promotion and all other terms of employment will be made without regard to race, color, religion, age, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, national origin or ancestry, marital status, status as a qualified handicapped or disabled individual, or any other impermissible factor in accordance with applicable laws.

Education Level:
Bachelor’s degree
To Apply

Please send a cover letter, resume and references to:

Peter Couchman, Executive Director